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Finding new members is the lifeblood of every gaming group. Whether you're searching for top-tier raiders to ascend the highest peaks of progression or just looking for friendly people who like to chat about latest developments in your favorite genres, Gamer Launch has the tools to help you find them.

Advanced Applications

Our advanced application system allows you to create custom questionnaires for your prospective members. From super simple to remarkably complex, you can be as thorough as you want to be in vetting new additions to your team. Sign Up Today »

Want to join like minded gamers? Our recruitment tool helps you find them!

Character Info

When appropriate, you can collect an applicant's in-game character details directly into their on-site application.

Availability Info

If raiding days and other such scheduled events are important to your community, our recruiting tool features a custom form that allows your applicants to share their availability.

Admin Notes

During the application process, site administrators and guild leaders have the opportunity to make notes regarding applicants and their questionnaires.

Forum Posting

You can choose to have every application posted into your forums, facilitating discussion of prospects amongst the current membership. Alternatively, administrators can create a private forum where questionnaires are available for commmentary by selected members only.

Private Application Functionality

In certain situations, privacy can be of the utmost importance. To that end, we've configured our application function in such a way that no one outside of the site knows that a person has applied.

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