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Stay connected with your fellow players using the new Gamer Launch communication app PR8 (Prate)!


Instant, Zero Config Group Calls

Want to chat with your gaming community, but don't want to type? Fire up a quick voice chat. Have a raid about to start? Connect everyone on your team even before they can get in game. Start the strategy conversation and beat your opponents every time. Every member of your site is automatically authorized to use PR8 and PR8 Chat.

No Number Sharing Required

To use PR8 and PR8 Chat you do not have to share your phone number with anyone. Our secure servers will connect the calls and will never show or share your phone number. You will be identified by your Gamer Launch profile name inside of PR8.

Team event manager

Never miss another scheduled event, raid, forum post, or any other admin notification.

Access to all your communities

Belong to more than one gaming community, team, guild or clan? No problem. Keep them all straight right from your smartphone.

Settings for event alerts

Only want some event reminders? Change what events go unnoticed, and which you don't ever want to miss!

PR8 sounds pretty amazing, right?

Well, check it out for yourself. If you have an Android 4.0, or iOS smartphone you can download the app below.

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Q. PR8 Chat sounds cool, but I'm on a limited data plan, can I use it?

A. PR8 Chat provides free, voice communications using only the minutes on your phone. If you have unlimited minutes and long distance plan then the service is completely free! After surveying our users we found that the vast majority had unlmited plans with unlimited long distance. PR8 Chat uses a Patent Pending technology to connect you to your gaming community via normal voice calls. If you go over your minute allotment on your phone then rates may apply. Consult your phone plan to be sure.

Q. How do I make a PR8 voice call?

A. Click the Headphone tab of the PR8 app, then click on the Phone icon for the community you want to connect to.

Q. What mobile devices are supported?

A. Android 4.0 and iOS. In addition, landline support for PR8 Chat will be made available.

Q. Do I have to give out an address or connection info?

A. PR8 Chat via the PR8 App is completely zero config. Each member of your site can connect at any time and are automatically added to the permissions.

Q. What do you mean by notifications?

A. The opening screen of PR8 provides a notification stream to keep you up to date with your gaming communities. You will recieve PM notifications, post reply notifications, new member notifications and much more as we expand the functionality.

Q. Can I configure which notifications I receive?

A. You can configure the notifications on the Notifications tab of the Communications area of your Gamer Launch site profile. You can set the priority level of each message type.

Q. Can I configure how I am notified?

A. Yes! PR8 includes OS level notifications and App level notifications and both can be set to Loud or Quiet. These options can be configured on the Tools tab of the PR8 App.

Q. Does the PR8 app provide access to forums and private messages?

A. PR8 provides functionality in addition to that which currently exists. You can use Forums and Private Messages on your mobile phone via your mobile optimized site in the same way that you were able to prior to PR8. The two applications are fully interlinked and work well together. Functionality inside of PR8 will link to Forums and Private Messages on your site.