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Members & Communication

Whether you're a 'friends & family' guild or an international, multi-game fansite, Gamer Launch provides a variety of tools to help your group share information, ask questions and work better together.

Full-featured Forums

With the ability to create unlimited public and private forums as well as to assign permissions and access to members as well as guests, there's virtually no limit to your ability to cultivate discussion groups and share information. Enliven your content with images, videos & polls, in addition to custom data embeds from certain games.

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User Profiles

More than just a message board avatar, your Gamer Launch user profile is a window into your gaming interests and prowess. Add characters from any game, track achievements and abilities or share as much or as little about yourself as you wish.


Communication is the key to a strong community. Keeping your members informed about upcoming events, raids and tournaments with our site newsletter feature. Using information already on your Gamer Launch site, our highly customizable newsletters provide an easy and effective way to keep everyone in the loop.

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Voice Communications

Whether you're discussing the latest gaming releases or sharing a strategy for a heroic boss encounter, there's no denying that being able to hear actual voices makes it easier to get a point across. Gamer Launch is happy to offer the most popular voice communications products from Ventrilo, Mumble, & TeamSpeak.

Native PR8 App

PR8 is the first native app for gaming communities.

PR8 app provides critical notifications for your community such as notifications of PMs received, reply notifications, new guild members and more! The PR8 app also has our integrated PR8 Voice product.

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