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Goals & Achievements

Gamer Launch is designed from the ground up to give you the tools you need to achieve your goals, whether that goal is "World First" boss kills or active participation around a thriving blog or podcast community. We have tools to help you track those achievements, raid clears, boss kills, PVP team match results and much more.

Events & Calendars

Want to keep your readers up-to-date on the latest releases in your favorite game genre? Need to inform your team of upcoming tournaments or raids? Gamer Launch's calendar tools make it easy to keep all of your site members in the loop!

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You're the best there is at what you do... and the whole world should know about it! Your Gamer Launch homepage is the perfect place to share the success of your members and teams. A number of custom widgets allow users to show off their status via external rankings as well as identify progression within their specific game.


If you've ever used Foursquare or played games on an XBox, you know how sought-after badges and achievements can be! With Gamer Launch "Awards", it's simple to reward your most active posters, most reliable team members and most avid fans with just a few clicks.

DKP Tracking

With our proprietary RAPID RAID system, Gamer Launch users have access to a robust set of tools that offers team leaders incomparable control over their groups and events. Upload stats and other data, track kills and loot distribution, monitor signups and attendance, and many more features, designed to be compatible with a variety of DKP types.

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Image Galleries

If a picture's worth a thousand words, how much is a screenshot of your latest achievement worth? Create unlimited image galleries to sort and store your favorite pics and keep a steady stream on your homepage, via news posts or widgets, to let everyone know what your guild or group is up to.

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