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Rapid Raid DKP System

Rapid Raid DKP Hosting System

Designed by gamers for guild leaders, our Rapid Raid DKP Hosting System lets you spend less time managing DKP and more time playing the games you love. Our web-based application is easy to set up and administer and supports over 180 games.

Continuing Development and Evolution - We're constantly updating and improving the Rapid Raid DKP hosting system based on feedback from our users.

Raid Display

  • Raid Progression Stats
  • Upload from EPGP Mod, CSV Files, DKPmon and other mods

Raid Tracking

  • Allow Alliance or Non-Guild Members to Raid by Simply Adding them to Your Roster
  • Boss Kill Tracking
  • Item Drop Tracking
  • Rapid Raid Member Comparison
  • Item View
  • Raid Signups
  • Class Based Signups
  • Open ended signups or signups with deadlines
  • Admins can approve raiders from signups

Setup is Nearly Instant

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DKP Tracking

  • Raid Signups
  • Role Based Signups
  • Auto-Fill by Class
  • Auto-Fill by Role
  • Multiple DKP Type Support
    • Flat DKP
    • Boss Auction
    • Zero Sum
    • Fixed Cost Zero Sum
    • EPGP
    • Suicide Kings
    • Many More Custom DKP Types!
  • Raid Roster
    • Allows Admin to Define who is active in a DKP pool
    • Allows for creation of Raid Roles
  • Alt & Main Functionality
    • DKP "Merging"
    • Alt & Main Assignments
  • Rapid Raid Data Exports*
    • Detailed Member list showing DKP details such as Earned, Spent and Totals
  • Advanced Attendance Tracking*
    • Attendance by Event Reporting
    • Multi-Column Attendance Report w/ System Lifetime and Character Lifetime reports
  • In-Game Mods for World of Warcraft
    • Rapid Raid Mod DKP Snapshot
    • View a snapshot of member DKP in-game using whisper commands
    • Requires only one person to run the mod
    • View a snapshot of all DKP if you are running the mod

Advanced Features

  • Raid Pools
    • Track 10 man and 25 man instances separately
    • Separate DKP by Tiers
    • System allows characters to be Active in one pool and not another
    • You can have pools be different DKP types
  • Advanced Attendance Tracking
    • Customize which raid events count towards attendance
  • In-Game Mods for World of Warcraft
    • In-Game DKP Tracking - DKPmon allows for tracking of DKP in-game
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