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Raiding, DKP and Raid Tracking

Conquer The Content, Get The Gear

However advanced your guild, our Rapid Raid system supports you with a highly usable and configurable raid and DKP tracking system. Plus, Rapid Raid includes in-game add-ons* for easy data import. You will be able to track valuable raid data like characters' progress, what items they've picked up, attendance and more.

Even if your guild isn't using DKP tracking yet, Rapid Raid can let you spend more time raiding and less time managing.

Rapid Raid has features for all levels of guilds:

Level 1: Raid Display

Import data from Add-ons* or other sources and display stats like raid attendance, item drops and boss kills - even if you're not tracking DKP.

Level 2: Raid Tracking

As your guild develops, our system can track raid attendance, boss kills, and item drops using our import system. The system also has a signup system that is available for Raid Planning. At this stage, the system provides a great way to see how your raids are progressing, who is attending, and how items are being acquired.

This level of functionality also provides you an easy transition into tracking DKP by giving you the capability to track which characters won what items without necessarily tracking DKP.

Level 3: DKP Tracking

Once your guild is ready to start tracking DKP, Rapid Raid lets you fully track DKP in game and out of game to record things like item costs, item value trends, and leaderboards.

Level 4: Advanced Features

For guilds with advanced DKP needs, Rapid Raid enables multiple DKP types in separate pools as well as class/role based sign-ups..

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Gamer Launch In Game Mods

Our Rapid Raid features give you event reporting functionality at every level!

Level 1: Attendance Tracking

Shows which members attended the event

Level 2: Item Tracking

Displays which items each character got from an event

Level 3: Item Analytics

Will show average cost of item

Level 4: Advanced Options

Allows you to sort class or by average spent per item

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Member Status Reports

Level 1: Status Display

Member status display shows all raiders in the system (DKP imported from a mod)

Level 2: Attendance Tracking

Track member attendance percentages over time

Level 3: DKP Tracking

Shows member DKP (could be imported from mod and a leader board displaying top DKP status by class and tier tokens for certain games

Level 4: Advanced Features

Sort by attendance level or color code (attendance thresholds) and set your own custom time periods to report on

This is just a high level overview!

There is tons more functionality in Rapid Raid.

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*While not all developers support in-game add-ons in their games, our Rapid Raid system is fully usable without add-ons.

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