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Gamer Launch is a complete, full-featured community hosting platform. With features like forums, image galleries, pools, DKP hosting, definable permissions, advanced recruiting options, a variety of widgets and fully customizable CSS, the only limit on your ability to customize your site is your own imagination.

Always Available


Whether you're hooked up to DSL on your desktop or linked up to WiFi on your laptop, if you're connected to the Internet, you're connected to your Gamer Launch clan, team, kinship or fansite. Gamer Launch is compatible with all major web browsers.


Mobile Optimized

Every Gamer Launch site is optimized to provide a fully functional version that you can access via smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Forum and navigation functionality, in particular, are designed to enhance the mobile viewing experience.

World Class Servers

Gamer Launch has dedicated servers in a top-tier hosting facility. Our hosting facility has redundant power, redundant internet connections, and state-of-the-art monitoring. Furthermore, we have 24x7 monitoring of all our servers and voice servers.


High Performance & Scalability

From Day One, Gamer Launch's server infrastructure and capacity plan has been geared to provide exemplary performance and scalability. Hosted on multiple dedicated machines, Gamer Launch has the capacity on hand to ensure all demands for system and database resources can be met.

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Advanced Applications

Our advanced application system allows you to create custom questionnaires for your prospective members. From super simple to remarkably complex, you can be as thorough as you want to be in vetting new additions to your team.


Character Info

When appropriate, you can collect an applicant's in-game character details directly into their on-site application.

Availability Info

If raiding days and other such scheduled events are important to your community, our recruiting tool features a custom form that allows your applicants to share their availability.


Admin Notes

During the application process, site administrators and guild leaders have the opportunity to make notes regarding applicants and their questionnaires.

Forum Posting

You can choose to have every application posted into your forums, facilitating discussion of prospects amongst the current membership. Alternatively, administrators can create a private forum where questionnaires are available for commmentary by selected members only.


Private Application Functionality

In certain situations, privacy can be of the utmost importance. To that end, we've configured our application function in such a way that no one outside of the site knows that a person has applied.

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Members & Communication

Full-featured Forums

With the ability to create unlimited public and private forums as well as to assign permissions and access to members as well as guests, there's virtually no limit to your ability to cultivate discussion groups and share information. Enliven your content with images, videos & polls, in addition to custom data embeds from certain games.


User Profiles

More than just a message board avatar, your Gamer Launch user profile is a window into your gaming interests and prowess. Add characters from any game, track achievements and abilities or share as much or as little about yourself as you wish.


Communication is the key to a strong community. Keeping your members informed about upcoming events, raids and tournaments with our site newsletter feature. Using information already on your Gamer Launch site, our highly customizable newsletters provide an easy and effective way to keep everyone in the loop.


Voice Communications

Whether you're discussing the latest gaming releases or sharing a strategy for a heroic boss encounter, there's no denying that being able to hear actual voices makes it easier to get a point across. Gamer Launch is happy to offer the most popular voice communications products from Ventrilo, Mumble, & TeamSpeak.

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Find A Site

Want to discuss the latest trends in your favorite genre or games? Need to find an elite team to join in battle? With Gamer Launch's "Find A Site" feature, you'll find a robust set of search terms to greatly increase your chance of finding that perfect group.



Finding new members is the lifeblood of every gaming group. Searching for top-tier raiders? Looking for friendly people to chat with about your favorite genres? Make your member search public and be listed in our "Find A Site" listing. Send prospects to your site and assess their interests with our fully customizable applications or use a "Launch" code to bypass the process entirely.

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Goals and Achievements

Events & Calendars

Want to keep your readers up-to-date on the latest releases in your favorite game genre? Need to inform your team of upcoming tournaments or raids? Gamer Launch's calendar tools make it easy to keep all of your site members in the loop!



You're the best there is at what you do... and the whole world should know about it! Your Gamer Launch homepage is the perfect place to share the success of your members and teams. A number of custom widgets allow users to show off their status via external rankings as well as identify progression within their specific game.


If you've ever used Foursquare or played games on an XBox, you know how sought-after badges and achievements can be! With Gamer Launch "Awards", it's simple to reward your most active posters, most reliable team members and most avid fans with just a few clicks.


DKP Tracking

With our proprietary RAPID RAID system, Gamer Launch users have access to a robust set of tools that offers team leaders incomparable control over their groups and events. Upload stats and other data, track kills and loot distribution, monitor signups and attendance, and many more features, designed to be compatible with a variety of DKP types.

Image Galleries

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a screenshot of your latest achievement worth? Create unlimited image galleries to sort and store your favorite pics and keep a steady stream on your homepage, via news posts or widgets, to let everyone know what your guild or group is up to.

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Voice Hosting


Ventrilo 3.0.0 is the next evolutionary step of Voice over IP (VoIP) group communications software. Ventrilo is also the industry standard by which all others measure themselves as they attempt to imitate its features.



Mumble is an open source voice communication application that features a customizable in game overlay, application skins, conversation recording, and advanced voice activity detection.


TeamSpeak 3 continues the legacy of the original TeamSpeak communication system previously offered in TeamSpeak Classic (1.5) and TeamSpeak 2. TeamSpeak 3 is not merely an extension of its predecessors but rather a complete rewrite in C++ of its proprietary protocol and core technology.

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Game Integration

World of Warcraft

Players and fans of Blizzard Entertainment's immensely popular MMO, World of Warcraft, will find custom Gamer Launch versions of popular addons, data imports, server status widgets, item stat hovers, myriad custom templates and numerous other features to help them share their adventures and achievements in Azeroth.


Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bioware's highly anticipated Star Wars: The Old Republic became the fastest-growing MMO ever upon its release in late 2010. SW:TOR players will find a full set of Jedi & Sith site and signature templates, as well as full roster details, with icons specific to their race, advanced class and spec, as they quest and conquer in a galaxy far far away.

Guild Wars 2

After a long history of supporting guilds in the original Guild Wars, Gamer Launch is thrilled to provide our full suite of services, including game-specific templates, race & class specific signatures and item hovers, for those continuing their Tyrian adventures in ArenaNet's long-awaited Guild Wars 2.


Lord of the Rings Online

Updated for the recent Riders of Rohan expansion, Gamer Launch continues to provide feature-rich kinship sites for Lord of the Rings Online. Import your characters, with stats and gear information, straight from, update your dungeon & raid progression, check your US or EU server status and much more.


Gamer Launch is prepared for the coming of the Storm Legion ! With all-new templates and updated widgets for the new expansion, RIFT guilds will be taking on Crucia with style, as well as all the core functionality you've come to expect from your Gamer Launch site, including XML roster imports, item hovers and progression tracking.



Server Status widgets and world map support coming soon!

300+ Games

Gamer Launch supports more than 300 MMOs, FPSs, Console Games and more. Our platform can support every game made!

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Templates Galore

With hundreds of base templates to choose from you can likely find the perfect template with just a couple of clicks. We have customized templates for hundreds of games. If you need to modify them then customization options are just another click away.


Build-Your-Own Templates

Like our professionally designed templates, but looking for something unique? Gamer Launch is built to give you ultimate customizability in terms of your site's appearance. Upload your own images, logos and backgrounds, even Flash headers. GL Prime members also have access to full CSS customization options.


Show off your accomplishments, see the most recent forum posts, or share your recruitment needs, all with Gamer Launch's wide array of custom site widgets. Use a widget to pull in RSS content that's relevant to your group or unlock the power of the entire web with an HTML widget. There are literally countless options.


Forums Your Way

No matter the game, genre, or subject matter of your Gamer Launch site, you'll have access to one of the most feature-filled forums around. Create separate spaces for public, members-only, private and officer discussions with ease; add your own polls and embed item links from your favorite games and videos from external sites. Gamer Launch forums also feature a number of advanced moderation features.


All Gamer Launch site creators choose their own subdomain on Prime subscribers (and above) have the option to register their own domain and 'point' Simply copy and paste an embed code to add a Yammer feed into another application. The code is easily accessible from any Yammer Group, once embedded.

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FAQs & Wikis & Forums, Oh My!

Over the years, Gamer Launch has taken great pride in exceeding the level of customer service expected in our industry. From all that experience, we've been able to build a robust FAQ and wiki around our most commonly identified issues, and continue to actively maintain our support forum for new questions as they arise.


Email & Phone Support

Have a specific question about Gamer Launch and can't find the answer you're looking for? Email us! We are committed to answering all of your questions as quickly as possible. In some situations, we may be able to speak to you by phone and walk you through your issue. Our goal is to do anything we can do to ensure you have the best experience possible with your Gamer Launch site.

Training Videos

Through the magic of YouTube and screencast software, we've been able to capture some excellent tutorial footage to help you get the most out of your Gamer Launch experience. There are dozens of videos already, with more being added regularly.


We Take Requests!

Are we missing your favorite new game or details on the latest raid encounters? Do you have an idea for a feature that would improve Gamer Launch for you and fellow members? Let us know! We are always thrilled to hear from our fans and users about ways to improve our product.

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Released in May 2012, the new Gamer Launch Dashboard gives users the modern, streamlined, and highly usable admin panel they deserve. Built from requests and feedback gather over a number of years, this new dashboard provides a strong foundation to which new features can be continually added.



Based on your feedback, we've given site owners and guild leaders as much control over their Gamer Launch creations as we possibly can. The latest iteration of Admin includes over 30 options to fine-tune permissions and content visibility all over each site.

Multi-Game Support

Times have changed and we have too. Recognizing that many gamers, teams, and guilds play more than one title, we've likewise opened up our system to allow you to add all of your games to your Gamer Launch site profile.



Learn more about payment options for various Gamer Launch services through the Billing area. Keep track of your current subscription status, as well as contributions from site members via CrowdPay and Paypal, as well as your voice server information. Got a code for upgraded service? Enter it here!

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