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Informed by user feedback, Gamer Launch's 'backend' dashboard has been completely rebuilt for increased ease-of-use and maximum control, enabling administrators to intuitively unleash the power within their site.


Released in May 2012, the new Gamer Launch Dashboard gives users the modern, streamlined, and highly usable admin panel they deserve. Built from requests and feedback gather over a number of years, this new dashboard provides a strong foundation to which new features can be continually added.

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Based on your feedback, we've given site owners and guild leaders as much control over their Gamer Launch creations as we possibly can. The latest iteration of Admin includes over 30 options to fine-tune permissions and content visibility all over each site.

Multi-Game Support

Times have changed and we have too. Recognizing that many gamers, teams, and guilds play more than one title, we've likewise opened up our system to allow you to add all of your games to your Gamer Launch site profile.


Learn more about payment options for various Gamer Launch services through the Billing area. Keep track of your current subscription status, as well as contributions from site members via CrowdPay and Paypal, as well as your voice server information. Got a code for upgraded service? Enter it here!

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