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Our community leaderboards make it easy to compare yourself with the people that you play with. Leaderboards include KDA, win rate, champion kills, and more. All stats are pulled straight from Riot Games, so they're always accurate and up to date.

Roster Management

Easily manage your community's roster. Sort by summoner, member, or favorite role to keep up with the people you play with and form the perfect teams.

LoL Site Templates

Each site comes with professionally-designed LoL site templates that you can easily use on your site. And if you're the tinkering type, you can customize them to your heart's content through our CSS editor.

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Player Profiles With Stats

Our player profiles make it easy to view the key stats of all players in your League of Legends team. Stats include total wins, champion kills, games played, damage taken, damage dealt, killing sprees, and much more.

Customizable Forums

You can create an unlimited number of new forums on your League of Legends team site. Creating a new forum only takes a second, and you can control the privacy levels on a forum by forum basis.

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Twitch Compatible

Every League of Legends site hosted at Gamer Launch comes with built-in Twitch compatibility. Visitors can easily access your live streams or previously recorded videos directly from your site.

GL team, just wanna say THANKS and THANKS again! You got a great host service for websites, nice prices for ad free etc. You have the GREATEST (I'm serious) customer service I've ever seen! You do what the community wants, so they are more pleased with their homepage, you are GREAT guys! <3 <3 <3! -Fragey
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