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Aion Legion Hosting Features

Gamer Launch is your source for the most powerful, feature filled and customizable Aion legion website hosting available!

Features for Aion Legion


Gamer Launch gives you the most feature rich, fully customizable Aion Legion website hosting available!

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  • Abyss Status
  • Legion Ranking & Contribution

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"I can actually now sit back and play the GAME and manage the guild without worrying about the website!

Whether you are a n00b or a pro, Gamer Launch has something for you...and is getting better day after day after day. I cannot find enough good things to say and will stop brown-nosing, hehehe...other than to say DO IT!"

- Mithoron

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GL team, just wanna say THANKS and THANKS again! You got a great host service for websites, nice prices for ad free etc. You have the GREATEST (I'm serious) customer service I've ever seen! You do what the community wants, so they are more pleased with their homepage, you are GREAT guys! <3 <3 <3! -Fragey
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