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Guild Hosting

Gamer Launch has a long history of supporting MMO guilds and their guild hosting needs. The feature set we've developed works for a wide expanse of guild types. Whether you are looking for simple guild forums, have complex recruiting needs, or are looking for a robust DKP tracking tool we have you covered.

Fantasy Guilds

With full support for games such Everquest, Everquest 2, Rift, Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 and World of Warcraft your guild hosting needs are met efficiently and effectively.

Sci-Fi Guilds

Your Star Wars: The Old Republic guild can explore the universe wielding light-sabers knowing they are supported by the best guild hosting platform available.

Thousands of Games Supported

While many of our favorite games get better with age and classic games continue to find ways to draw us back in, there always seems to something new that demands our attention and scarce gameplay time. That said, no matter the genre or platform, if players want to play together and share their experiences online, Gamer Launch will accommodate as best we can and proudly offers support for all games and fan interests.

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