Upgrades Per Plan Free Essential Premium Ultimate
Site StorageStorage for files and images. Forum posts, tournament info, raids, character profiles, etc. do not count against this quota. 10 mb 10 GB 20 GB 60 GB
Included Voice ServerChoose from Mumble, Teamspeak 3 and Ventrilo. Available
25 Slots 50 Slots
Multiple Games Per SiteDoes your community play multiple games? You can add them and configure options specific to each. 3 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Raid PoolsEach Raid Pool is a distinct set of DKP. Useful for multi-game communities or guilds with more than one raid group. 1 1 3 Unlimited
Full DomainUse any domain registered with GoDaddy, Network Solutions or other registrar.
Attendance ReportingAdvanced attendance reporting is available providing additional details over the basic attendance percentages.
Recurring SchedulingAdditional capabilities to schedule recurring events.
Post Delete RecoveryAny deleted post can be recovered from the Lockbox available in upgraded plans.
Site NewsletterSend a custom newsletter to community members.
Newsletters per MonthLarger communities can send Newsletters more regularly.   4 16 Unlimited
Google Analytics IntegrationGoogle's free analytics product can be used to get very detailed site usage information.
Included in Every Plan Free Essential Premium Ultimate
Image Gallery
Private Messaging
DDOS Protection
Email & Forum Support
Twitch Support
Guild, Clan & Team Roles
Custom Sections
Custom Forum Smileys
Item Stats
Social Integration
Alliance Functionality
Tournament Management
Raid Tracking
Unlmited Widgets
Customizable Subdomains
Multiple Game Support
Weekly Site Report
Email PM Notifications
Email Watched Forum Topic Notifications
Private Forums
Moderator Forums
Full Forum Permissions
Forum Categories
Forum Quick Reply
Profile Signatures
Forum Pruning
Site and Forum Ranks
Show Character/In-Game Info on Posts
IP Bans
User Bans
Disable/Enable Avatars
Disable/Enable Sigs