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A Feature Set So Versatile,
There's Literally Something for Everyone

From the beginning, Gamer Launch has been about meeting the needs of its players, independent of specific genres, games or industry focus. To that end, we have continually developed our flagship product to meet the evolving needs of the gaming industry. The result: A feature set that is simple enough for new communities and groups to create value and grow from day one and powerful enough to track the ongoing progression and complex calculations of the most elite guilds and clans.


Community leaders love Gamer Launch! Adding new members can be as simple as a code or complex as a custom questionnaire. In addition to highly customizable sites and forums, our permissions system allow for unparalleled member & character management, with automatic roster imports available in some cases. Site leaders can send private messages as well as newsletters to keep everyone up-to-date on the latest community information.


From our proprietary Rapid Raid web app to our enhanced DKP and attendance tracking systems, Gamer Launch presents raid leaders and raiders alike with the most robust set of administration tools around, no matter what their game is.


Gamer Launch members find numerous ways to express their individuality, via custom avatars and signatures, as well a personal blog within their user profile. Members can join and communicate with any number of groups and guilds, or use our search tools to find new ones.


The versatility inherent in the Gamer Launch platform makes it an excellent choice for game blogs. Show off your latest work on the home page, build a community within your forums and take advantage of game-related widgets to give your site a custom look and feel.

Community Builders

Looking to build a community that lasts longer than the typical gaming lifecycle? Need a new home for a guild that plays multiple titles? Gamer Launch has multi-game and non-game support features built into the core of our functionality and administration. If you can build it, we can host it!


The combination of site hosting, community forums and flexible file storage make Gamer Launch a no-brainer for podcasters. Custom show players and distribution widgets are currently in development.

Fansite Creators

Just looking for a place to chat about your favorite game or genre? Gamer Launch is perfect for that. Bring together widgets from multiple games, create as many custom forum groupings as you like and share your passion with other like-minded Gamer Launch users.

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