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Gamer Launch is your source for the most powerful, feature filled and customizable ArcheAge guild sites!

Customizable Forums

Every ArcheAge guild site comes with fully customizable forums. Create new forums with the click of a button, and set privacy levels on a forum by forum basis.

ArcheAge Site Templates

All ArcheAge guild sites come with professionally-designed ArcheAge templates. All templates are free to use, and can be customized to your heart’s content.

Guild Calendar

Keep your ArcheAge guild in the loop with a guild calendar. The guild calendar makes it easy to inform your team of upcoming raids, battles, and other events.

Unlimited Image Galleries

With unlimited image galleries, you can store and share your favorite pics to keep everyone up to date on your guild’s progress.

Guild Recruiting Tools

Recruiting new members to an ArcheAge guild can be a challenge. Our guild recruiting tools make it easier. Use our free recruiting widgets and guild search functionality to recruit the right players quickly.

Customize Your Site

At Gamer Launch, you can have full control of your ArcheAge site’s appearance. Upload your own images, logos, backgrounds, and even Flash headers. Prime members also have complete control over their site’s style sheet.

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