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Creating Guild Websites

A great way to indulge in your MMORPG gaming passion is to create your own guild site. If you've never built a website before or are not comfortable with the idea, you don't have to worry. There are plenty of guildsite builders that can guide you through the entire process!

Selecting a Guild Website Builder

Creating a site is relatively easy when you choose the right guild web hosting company. Key things to look for in a company include the number of years in existence, as well as experience in supporting your particular game. You'll want a company that offers high quality, engaged customer support, not only in the site creation process, but also after your site is up and running, as guild sites often require a great deal of attention. A good way to gauge the reliability of guild sites is by the number of satisfied customers that use the web hosting services.

A Myriad of Web Hosting Services

Creating great guild websites requires a company that provides all the essential hosting services. These include DKP tracking, lots of widgets, forums with a variety of robust features, advanced permissions management, and superior administration. You should also have access to easy-to-use website templates to make the process of building your guildsite as easy as possible.

Choosing Gamer Launch for Creating Your Guild Website

Gamer Launch has become the web hosting service of choice for guild site creators everywhere. With the ability to support more than 250 MMO games, we have the experience necessary to help you make your site building venture a success. With more than 2 million members representing over 100,000 guilds, along with nearly 8 million characters, there are legions of satisfied Gamer Launch users who will attest to our ease of use and reliability. Take the first step toward developing your own guild site by creating a Gamer Launch account today!

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