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Guild Forums

A key component of virtually any high-traffic website is the availability of user-friendly forums to facilitate the communication process. With Gamer Launch, you can give your site visitors and members access to a variety of free guild forums to enhance your site's overall usability. You can include a number of popular features to make your forums even more robust and make the user experience even more enjoyable for your users, ensuring they will become frequent visitors to your site.

The Many Benefits of a Guild Forum

It's difficult to find a more passionate group of people than MMORPG gamers, and your site's forum is a great way for your site users to share their enjoyment. Your forum is also an excellent way to keep everyone up-to-speed on the latest changes you've made to the site, as well as any news related to the game itself. You can use your forum as a valuable tool for gauging the overall satisfaction of your site users. And since delivering superior customer service is likely to be an important consideration, your forum is a great vehicle for addressing the common technical support issues that crop up on occasion.

Choose from a List of Available Features for Your Guild Forums

You can choose from a list of features to incorporate into your guild forum, like customizable icons, emoticons, reply notifications, and poll additions, all of which are designed to make your forum as inviting as possible. And since a picture (or video) is worth a thousand words, you and your site users can also imbed videos into forum posts, as Gamer Launch supports such noted video hosting sites as YouTube, File Front, and With free guild forums as part of your Gamer Launch-hosted website, your site users will want to come back again and again!

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