How do I connect my canon mg3670 printer to Wi-Fi

    How to connect the canon mg3670 to Wi-Fi on a wireless network using a Windows computer and Wi-Fi protected setup or WPS. Make sure that your printer is plugged in and turned on the green light for connect canon printer to wifi. Next to the power button will be lit. When the printer is on press and hold the Wi-Fi button on the printer until the amber alarm light flashes.

    Canon Pixma mg3670 Wireless Setup - Once  Wi-Fi button after the flash. Make sure the Wi-Fi light is flashing quickly and  power light is on while the Wi-Fi light is flashing. Press and hold the WPS button on your wireless router or access point. You may see a button that looks like this depending on your router. When the Wi-Fi light starts flashing both the Wi-Fi and on light change from flashing to steady. The printer and wireless router are connected now and ready to connect canon printer on windows and mac.

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    Steps to connect a canon pixma mg3670 wireless printer to Wi-Fi

    Install the software insert the bundled cd-rom that came with your connect canon mg3500 to WiFi into your computer. Download the installation files from the canon website by... More

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    Before knowing about the process to connect the printer to the computer or other devices, we can see about the canon ij setup. The setup is the procedure to connect your printer to the other devices using a wireless connection. When the network connection is made with the canon printer then you can take print from your devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops or other devices without using the USB cable.

    What Are The Requirements For Connecting The Canon IJ Printer To Wireless Network?

    1. You must have an access point such as a modem, router or a Wi-Fi modem.
    2. And also you must make sure the connection provided in these access points are functioning properly.
    3. Then you must at least have a smart device or computer which has an internet connection, to make the .
    4. To ensure that your device is connected to the internet, open the browser and type the extension which opens all the details regarding the canon com ij setup.
    5. These are two important factors you should consider before the canon/ij setup. After checking these things you can easily connect the canon printer to your smart... More

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    Canon Inkjet Printer Setup using IJ Start Cannon

    To start the process of setting up your Canon Inkjet Printer, please follow the procedures below.

    1. The very first step in this process is to use a computer, a laptop or a PC.
    2. Now, open your device’s web browser, you can open for any browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
    3. Locate the address bar in the top panel of the window. In the “ij.start.cannon” address bar, click Enter.
    4. You will now be taken to the website homepage. You can see tabs on the homepage for various procedures. You will click on the icon “Setup.”
    5. You are taken to a new tab when you click on it. You must enter your model number here. You can either type your model number manually or use the click select option on the same page in the lower panel.
    6. When you enter the model number and press enter, the setup instructions for your specific model will be shown. Follow the steps on your screen.

    Hardware Setup

    • Before you do the setup, you first need to complete the hardware setup process of your device.
    • Unbox your printer the same way you see in your printer video tutorial that is available on the ij.start.cannon site.
    • Connect your... More

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    How to Change Yahoo Mail Account Password

    It might possible that you’re dealing with more than one email accounts and Yahoo is one of them. Nowadays, things about Google and Outlook are coming out only, Yahoo is like an outdated service now. And that’s why if you want to know something about it, you may have to use more effective than using in other email providers like Gmail.
    To ease your Yahoo life, we bring this perfect guide to Yahoo email. Our first section will definitely talk about “How do I change my Yahoo password” which is most crucial and our centerpiece as well. Let’s start the article guys:
    3 Ways to Change Yahoo Mail Password
    Find out the best 3 ways to change your Yahoo mail password.
    How to Change Yahoo Mail Password on PC
    Here’s how to change yahoo mail password:
    1. Visit the Yahoo Mail website and log in to your account. Once you logged into your account, go ahead. Click on Settings (gear icon). Doing so will open the menu. From the menu, select the “Account Info.”
    2. Now, click the “Account Security” tab on the left. Click the “Change Password.”
    3. Now, enter your new password twice to confirm it. Make sure to choose a secure and... More

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