Canon Pixma MG2520 Printer Software Set-Up for Wireless Connection Mode

    Canon MG2520 Setup - The user needs to first ensure that the printer and the computer using the same network. Once you have ensured it, then jump to the following steps:

    • The first and foremost step for you to do is to enable the WiFi router with Canon printer PC.
    • Once done with that, turn on the printer. 
    • You need to now hit the WiFi button. 
    • Make sure to press it continuously till you see the flashing blue light.
    • Thereafter, you need to hit the button and look for the WPS connection. 
    • Ensure that the light which is flashing stands still once you have established the connection. 
    • You don’t need to do anything further as the network connection has been found with your cannon MG2520 printer. 

    Canon Printer Software Wireless Download on Windows

    • The user needs to first ensure that the Wifi router, computer, and Canon printer are enabled. 
    • Once done, try to connect the Pixma MG2520 printer to Wifi. 
    • You can do it by following the steps given in the first guide. 
    • Consequently, the user needs to move towards the http// pixma mg2520.” 
    • Hit the tab named Setup. 
    • Also, choose your region. 
    • Next, you need to choose the model... More

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    How to Access Godaddy Email through Webmail

    If you seek more information about Godaddy email login and how to access your automatic Godaddy email address via Webmail here is a guide for you.

    A lot of people are not using this email login basically because they don’t know how to access the Godaddy workspace login portal and how to link their company email address and create a custom workspace email login following their Godaddy hosting account that comes with a free Godaddy email login 356 account.

    However, if you don’t make use of this Godaddy webmail login the free Godaddy email account will seat in the hosting account without any usefulness and expires once your Godaddu account expires.

    We came to know about this because a lot of Godaddy users ain’t making use of the opportunity to create a custom email address for their business using the free Godaddy workspace email login yet host various businesses on Godaddy.

    However, with the Webmail service, you can access Godaddy email from home, work, offices, and all around the globe with access to the internet.

    Therefore, we are going to detail how to access Godaddy email from any computer on Webmail and how to create your custom Godaddy email... More

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    Handy details on how to connect Canon printer to WiFi without cable

    How to connect Canon printer to WiFi without cable? Is this a question that’s bugging you? Well, you can definitely get this accomplished without having to go through an extremely complicated process. You should be able to set up your printer to easily link to your WiFi network and printing should be possible as long as both your computer/device and printer are connected to the same WiFi network. Printers have greatly evolved in recent times and many of them make use of infrared or Bluetooth for connectivity while some printers come with Ethernet ports and integrated wireless adapters.

    Simply turn on the printer and scroll across the interface to ensure whether WiFi is on or not. Choose the wireless network, enter the password when you have to and the IP address will be seamlessly taken by the printer from the network. However, not every printer will enable choosing a particular network or keying in a password.

    There may be software for setup which means you have to run the same for finding the network and then finish setting the same up. If the printer comes with an Ethernet port, it can be easily setup near the wireless switch or router. This will help... More

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