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Rapid Raid XML file import issue


Trying to test importing raid dumps to our site and running into an error with XML import, these characters do exist on the roster and we only have one server, and one guild associated with our site.  Am I missing a field that isn't mentioned in the example?


Rapid Raid

Errors Have Been Found

The import process has run into a problem. This is not the end of the world, read below for possible solutions.

Error Info

Some of the characters in the import are not on your guilds character roster. This is not the end of the world. Continue reading for ways to resolve this.

How do I resolve this?

There are two reasons this error can occur.
  1. The character may have been added to your guild site with a different server than the guild site.
  2. The character just isn't on your roster on the guild site.
In either case the list below of missing characters provides methods to resolve this. If you want to fix the server info for a character, then click the checkbox for that column on the character. If you want to create the character then click the checkbox for that column. Then submit the import.

Error Detail

Characters Not On Roster

Characters in raid: 2
Characters in import not on your site's roster: 2

The following characters are not on the Character Roster for LunacyUnbound or are on the wrong server. To resolve these issues choose the action to perform then click continue.
Character Name Create Fix Server Assignment Do Nothing

Hi, could you send the XML file to support@gamerlaunch.com so we can take a look? 






Emailed, thanks.

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