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Issue with choosing website devoted game


I have a guildlaunch website and one of the games we wish to have listed that we play is a game called Chronicles of Elyria. But I can not find this game in the list and from what i can tell, I can not customize a game and put in the games name manually.


Link to the website of the game.


How do I go about getting this game added to the gaming list? Or how do I put it in manually?


Support work office hours, in the US, so basically you shouldn't expect any immediate response out of those times (although admittedly they often do respond).  You don't need to post multiple times though .. they will get around to dealing with it.  There is a message posted right at the top of the "Home" page:

Our support team is online from 9-5 EST, Monday through Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions are available on our FAQ page.

If it's something the community can help with, post here in the Support Forums.

You can email us at as well.

Feature Requests and Game Requests are also up and active!

As you can see, there is a link there to a page where you can request a new game to be added:

I hope that helps.

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