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Update for http vs https

by GL_Support, 68 days ago

Hey everyone,

We've made an update to how redirects and interlinking works in regards too https vs http. The server will always attempt too use https now, rather than continue on with whichever it was given in the first place. This should reduce the number of pages that browsers call insecure.

The reason it cannot be 100% coverage for all links across all sites is because some of the content that you like to use is not over https. This also includes any custom content you may have on custom pages or HTML widgets. If you have a background image that comes from an http URL, browsers will call that image insecure and may call the entire page insecure as a result. We very much want to keep GamerLaunch an open platform that allows you to make the website you want and include the content you want. We will not be blocking http content because that would limit your sites in an untenable way.

Another complication to this is custom domains. If you've bought a custom URL to use for your site, it presents another layer of security to consider. We are evaluating ways to provide custom URL's with SSL certs as a paid service. Contact us through support if you are interested.

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Calendar Event Sign Up Updates!

by GL_Frothy, 71 days ago

Hey everyone,

I've made some updates to simplify and reduce the number of clicks it takes to sign up to a regular calendar event. I've also updated the way that signed up members/characters are listed. This is something that has bothered me personally for awhile trying to organize my own guilds. Essentially nothing about the functionality should change, just quality of life UI updates. I've made this update mostly for V5 because it can accommodate a more modern styling. I've left Rapid Raid alone because of how deep and complex those features go, I did not want to break anything there.

Please let me know if this update removes any particular feature or setting you've used before. It shouldn't have any negative effect on anyone's operations, but there may be something that slipped through the cracks on me.


TLDR: Character and Member sign up UI for regular events has been updated!

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