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Australia Voice IP Change October 10th, 10:00 AM UTC -4

by GL_Support, 9 days ago

What: Australian IP Change ( Port Number will NOT Change)

Why: Updating Voice Server Infrastructure

When: Happening October 10th, 2017 at 10 AM (UTC -4). Local Time (Sydney, Australia) Wednesday, October 11th 1:00 AM (UTC +11). 

If you are using a hostname, for example, to connect to your voice server, you will not need to change anything as we will take care of the DNS changes in our system for you. If you are using your voice servers IP address, to connect you will need to change your the IP address you are using to connect. THERE WILL BE NO PORT # CHANGES. 

OLD                            NEW --------> ---------> ------->

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Thank you,


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GamerLaunch Updates!

by GL_Support, 78 days ago

Hello everyone!

We are about to push a quite large update to GamerLaunch. The biggest part to this update is massive SSL updates. This change is very far reaching and we wanted to let everyone know. If you notice anything acting oddly over the next day, please let us know. Things to look out for are images not loading, video embeds not working, external links to other websites, and interlinking on your sites. Everything should be fine, but since the update is so far reaching, we can never be 100% certain.

If you have HTML widgets or Forum posts with embedded images/videos and they stop working, just make sure that the URL's for them are updated from http:// to https://. That should fix those!

This update includes many other little fixes and optimizations to various other features as well. We will outline those soon!


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