What to do During Pre-Patch to Prepare for Legion

The Legion expansion is out at the end of the month and you might be wondering what to do in the meantime. Luckily, this is the perfect time to catch up on things you probably neglected during the peak times of World of Warcraft. Plus, there are plenty of class changes already out and new things coming on August 9th.

Also, if you’re new, or just wanting to get into WoW, this is a good time to play. I think of this as the new era because so much is changing and has changed for the Legion expansion. Although we don’t yet know what the future of WoW holds, now is a time of change.

Complete Old Content for Transmog or Achievements

The transmog system for making your equipment look like other types of equipment has been revamped. It is in the collections section with its own tab now. This means that you can collect equipment on 1 character and it will get added to the collection for any of your characters to use.

Once an item is added, you can get rid of it. No more hoarding tons of items on each character for transmog! The only requirement is that your character that collects it has to be able to equip it and any character you want to use it on has to be able to equip it.

Now you have more of a reason to do old raids and dungeons, just so you can get transmog items. It is also good for getting achievements, which can reward titles and mounts. During peak times of playing WoW, especially if you raid or do rated PvP, you may not have time to go through a bunch of old content. Now that you are waiting for the next expansion, there is no better time.

Study the Class Changes

Even if you have played your class for years, nearly every class has had changes to how they are played. Everything in the pre-patch was changed for what they will do in Legion. This is also a good time to try out multiple classes if you have the time because you might like something else better now.

For example, Survival Hunters are now melee. If you have always liked the idea of Hunter, but wanted to play melee, now’s your chance!

You have plenty of time before the expansion launches to find what you like and learn how the class works.

Catch up on Professions and Quests

Time is limited and you may not always be able to keep up with your professions, especially if you play multiple characters. During the downtime, why not spend time leveling your primary professions, or secondary ones like fishing and cooking?

It is easier than ever to catch up now since you can level from 1-700 in just the Draenor zones. No need to travel to multiple areas, constantly upgrading your professions!

Sometimes you do just the right number of quests to get to max level. Now is a good time to go back and finish quests in zones you never fully completed. You can also get that Loremaster achievement and title.

If you have not unlocked flying in Draenor, you can do that during this time as well. You may not need it in Legion, but it can be helpful while you wait, or if you ever decide to level a new character/go back there.

Try out a Demon Hunter

Demon Hunters are a new hero class coming in Legion and you can create one on August 9th if you preordered. You only need a level 70 character to make one, they start at level 98, and end at level 100 when you complete their intro.

You will have 3 weeks before the expansion, so spend that time learning this new class and deciding if it is something you will want to play. Plus, they have warglaives, which you can use as transmog items for other characters.

Participate in the Demon Invasion event

Demon Invasion is a Legion pre-patch only event that starts on August 9th. Demons will appear in multiple places throughout Azeroth and you get rewards for participating. Each invasion has multiple stages and you get Nethershards for completing everything past stage 1.

You can spend these Nethershards on special transmog equipment and some special 700 item level gear. You can also get special 700 item level weapons from Legion chests. There is even an item you can get to increase the item level of these weapons to 725!

Do the Event Quests and Achievements

There will be a series of quests that open up during the event, some you can only complete before Legion starts such as lore quests in Karazhan, Dalaran, and Ulduar.

There is also the Broken Shores quest line that sets up the expansion and lets you get faction-themed gear. Demon Hunters can’t complete this questline because they have their own story going on before and during this time.

That’s all the info you need to prepare for Legion. Be sure to check back for other posts relating to Legion and World of Warcraft in general!