The Hunger Games with Dinosaurs: ARK introduces new survival mode

Last week, Wildcard Studios launched a new Survival of the Fittest mode for ARK: Survival Evolved. The new mode is a deathmatch PvP instance – that means permadeath for your character in this hardcore competition. To raise the stakes even further, Wildcard introduced a “ring of death” that will force players closer together the longer they play in this mode.

Wildcard made sure that Survival of the Fittest came in with a bang, as they introduced it with a full-blown tournament to the death. 35 teams of two competed to be the last tribe standing – a title that came with a pretty $20,000 prize. While Twitch viewers watched and voted for different Evolution Events to throw at the players, these teams battled it out to prove they were the best of the best. #TEAM POLOPHIN eventually took the top spot, scoring the prize money and some sweet tech from Logitech and Gunnar Optiks. 

Thinking you missed your shot at this dinosaur-eat-dinosaur mode? Don’t worry – ARK’s Survival of the Fittest is still available for play even though the tournament has ended. And if you want to participate in a competitive event, Major League Survival has you covered. They’re holding a Survival of the Fittest tournament on one of their private servers, with lots of cool prizes you can win in the process. Each game is ranked – a ladder system keeps track of player performance throughout the tournament. After a 6-month season consisting of 24 games, the top 70 teams will be invited back for a championship game. The top three teams in this championship will earn some seriously cool loot, along with the title of “Alpha”.


Sound like your kind of tournament? The event begins on September 5, so there’s still a little bit of time for you to register and get involved. If you want to join, but need a teammate to play with, head on over to Gamer Launch and find one.

Prove you have what it takes to be the ultimate dinosaur master. Your friends may have laughed at your Pikachu, but they won’t laugh at your velociraptor. We guarantee it.