Blizzard’s Tracer butt drama, community, and censorship

Earlier this week, Blizzard Entertainment made a lot of news for what might typically seem like a normal thing in video game development — if it weren’t for the circumstances surrounding it. The company’s Overwatch team announced the removal of one of several victory poses available for the one of the game’s most well known characters.

Tracer butt pose

Normally, this kind of removal wouldn’t be a big deal. Developers do it all the time. They decide they don’t like something for one reason or another, they come up with something that they just like better. The item in question is removed or swapped out. However, this removal ended up catching a lot of attention, not because of the removal itself, but because it was announced in response to a thread calling the art into question. The game’s director Jeff Kaplan, revealed that the pose would be replaced, noting that it is not Blizzard’s intention to make people feel uncomfortable.

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