Is multiplayer destroying single player games?

Over the past decade or so multiplayer has become a rather ubiquitous feature in video games so that when it doesn’t show up in some form it’s almost shocking. Even most games designed for a single player format have at least some sort of co-op mode, allowing players to either take on special missions designed for more than one player, or to play the already existing single player component with a buddy.

For some fans of single player oriented games, this may sometimes seem like a bane. Many have accused game developers of favoring the additional multiplayer mode and losing focus on the single player aspect of the game. But is it really as big of an issue as some fans are making it out to be?

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Is Multiplayer The New Norm For Games?

MOBAs, MMOs, team-based online shooters, Minecraft servers…

More and more often, game developers are releasing games that cater to group and team-based play. In fact, multiplayer has become so ingrained and expected in modern game development that players are often shocked when a developer elects to publish a game without some sort of multiplayer component.

For a lot of people, this begs the question, “Is multiplayer becoming the norm in gaming?”

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