How gamers are driving our economy

If you’re visiting this site, chances are pretty good you’re a gamer. Chances are also good that you know a lot of other gamers and are a member of some sort of gaming community, like a guild or forums. So, it’s fairly likely that you’re not going to be surprised by someone telling you that gamers tend to spend a lot of money on things like computers and other technology.

What may be surprising to you — and to a lot of business people — is just how much of an impact the gaming community has on industry and the economy. Over the last few years, Google — who makes quite a bit of money in the advertising business — has published articles encouraging businesses to take a hard look at gamers and include them in their business strategies. Most recently, Kimberly Thompson, SVP Group Client Director at Mediavest Group, wrote a piece for Google about how influential gamers can be for companies.

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