What does the gaming industry mean for Atlanta’s economy?

For gamers, the fact that the video game industry is growing isn’t much of a surprise. However, it might surprise them to know that one of places where it’s growing most is Atlanta, GA. Over the last few decades gamers have associated game development in North America with the West Coast and the North West — particularly places like California and Seattle. If any place in the South was known for gaming it was Austin, Texas where companies like Bioware and Trion keep additional studios.

Atlanta, on the other hand, wasn’t widely known for its contributions to the video game industry until CCP — creators of EVE Online — bought White Wolf, the company responsible for the tabletop/LARP RPG series World of Darkness. CCP purchased the company, and announced the World of Darkness MMO in 2006. Because White Wolf was based out of Atlanta, CCP decided to set up a studio in one of the city’s suburbs, becoming the largest game development company in the area at the time.

At the same time, another game company had set up shop just north of Atlanta in 2005, and begun working on their first online game, Global Agenda, which launched in 2010. That company, now widely known for its MOBA, SMITE — and its growing eSports program — is Hi-Rez.

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