SMITE Rostermania is Shaking Up Season 3

Now that the SMITE World Championships are over and teams are looking ahead to Season 3 of the pro circuit, a lot of changes have been happening to the team rosters. Some teams have disbanded entirely, players have shuffled around, and new teams have been formed. The changes have been so frequent — and in some cases, so drastic — that the SMITE community has lovingly dubbed it “rostermania”. Some are even calling it “roster-pocalypse”.

Regardless of what they’re called, these roster switch-ups have fans hyped to see how these new teams perform in Season 3. Here’s what we know about the roster changes so far.

North America

Nowhere did the roster-pocalypse hit harder than in North America. Team SoloMid has been disbanded entirely, while the near-disbanded Team Eager has absorbed Cognitive Gaming and three of its members. Meerkat (solo) and Cabom (hunter) are not on this combined roster, and they are being replaced with Divios and Zapman (from the old Eager) taking over their roles. Cognitive’s Djpernicus (jungle), TheBest (mid), and Aror (support) will carry over to the new Eager roster.

Support player JeffHindla and mid-laner MLCst3ealth are leaving Cloud9. TheBoosh will be taking over mid, while Snoopy takes on support. Hindla and MLC will be moving to a completely new team — Team Hopeful. They will be joined by ScaryD (from eLevate Gaming) on the solo lane, Garz (from the disbanded Team SoloMid) in the jungle, and Madmanmarc22 (previously on-and-off with Denial) in the hunter role. Enemy only replaced one member on their roster — their jungler, Adjust. Adjust has moved to Denial eSports, so Masked (who was banned from pro SMITE for a year) is taking his place. Meanwhile, EnvyUS has done a lot of shifting on their roster. Player Omega has taken CycloneSpin’s place in the solo line, while CycloneSpin has replaced Allied as the hunter. Allied has replaced Incon in the mid lane, after Incon was reportedly booted from EnvyUS and moved to an original team called Team Flex. Incon will be joined on Team Flex by MattyPocket (solo), DaretoCare (from Eager) on jungle, Lassiz (also from Eager) on mid, and Oceans playing hunter. A third original team is coming to the pro league, as well. Dubbed Problem Solved, its roster includes Meerkat (previously on Cognitive) as the solo laner, Homiefe (from Denial) as the jungler, Hurriwind (from pre-Fall Split Cognitive) in the mid lane, Metyankey (from eLevate) playing hunter, and Jigz on support.  


There isn’t as much solid information available from the European region yet. We have no word from Paradigm and defending world champions Epsilon about their planned rosters. But we do know that CaptainTwig (jungler), and Badgah (support) are leaving Fnatic. Badgah is going to an original team, while CaptainTwig is moving to Titan, now renamed Hungry for More. Twig will be joined by Variety (solo), who is leaving Team Dignitas — as is support player Frezzyy.

On Hungry for More, Twig and Variety will be joined by Titan remnants PrettyPriMe on mid and Ataraxia playing the hunter. Zindurn will be replacing KanyeLife on support. The last remaining Titan player, Repikas, is leaving to join London Conspiracy, now renamed Cringe Crew. He’s replacing Cherryo in the jungler role.

London Conspiracy’s Cherryo and Fnatic’s Badgah are part of a new original team called Leftovers. They will be joined by Nika in the solo lane, Faeles in the jungle, and Arkyl as the hunter.

More information about Season 3’s roster-pocalypse should be available soon. It will be interesting to see how these new rosters cooperate and compete as the pro circuits kick into gear over the next month. Head over to GameSkinny for up-to-date news about SMITE as the rostermania continues.