Destiny API integration and Minecraft Plugin included in May Gamer Launch update!

Gamer Launch’s next big update has been released, and it’s got some awesome new functionality for your Gamer Launch website!

Destiny API Integration
We have now integrated character creation for Destiny characters. You can import all of your characters attached to your gamertag or PSN to your character rosters on Gamer Launch and it will now display your level, power level and gear.

Destiny LFG
Remember, if you’re looking for group Gamer Launch has a recruitment tool that can help you find your next Destiny clan or group.

For those who like it simple and clean
V5 site users can now remove images from the site editor or select “none” in the options in order to display no images. This update affects backgrounds, headers and logos.

Better header image search
You are now able to filter header images by game and genre!

Our Minecraft plugin is here! 
We made a Minecraft permission group management system for you! This plugin lets you use your Gamer Launch website to let people apply to your Minecraft server. Once you’ve installed the plugin on your server, you can give permission groups to your members through your site’s admin menu.

LotRO status widget
LotRO‘s API no longer functions, so the LotRO status widget has been removed. If anyone knows of an API to monitor LotRO server status, please let us know!

Spread the word!
The Spread the Word widget should now be working properly on all Gamer Launch sites. Feel free to share the news!