Is Your Game Past Its Prime?

We all have games that we really love. We keep coming back to them over and over, and they always excite us no matter how often we load them up. Once we find a game that we and our friends can enjoy time after time, it’s hard to let that go. We’ll play and play until our beloved game becomes obsolete, and sometimes we’ll keep playing after that. It’s difficult to find games that grab us this way, so we’ll hang on to the ones that do much longer than we probably should.

But it’s not just us fans that do this. Developers are guilty of it, too. Some big-name franchises are still going, though we all expected them to die a long time ago. Titles like World of Warcraft and Call of Duty are still cranking out new games and content, even though their heydays arguably ended years ago. But we still buy and play them, because at some point or another they were our go-to games. We formed a habit with them. And everyone knows that habits are hard to break.

Some of these franchises are releasing shiny, new installments this year to keep us coming back. Halo 5: Guardians drops next week, and Call of Duty: Black Ops III won’t be far behind. Doubtlessly, a lot of us are hoping that these titles will become a new addiction that we can play until we’ve exhausted them. However…

Sometimes change is a good thing.

Oftentimes, change is a necessary thing. It’s great that we’re getting fresh entries in old favorites, but sometimes we need to find new ones. Isn’t that how the old favorites got to be that way? There are lots of really great games out there that are easily as good as (or dare we say, better than) your current go-to games. So even though there are – and always will be – some old flames right around the corner, maybe it’s time to consider new love interests.

This is easy to do if you’re flying solo, but it can be a little more complicated if you want your guild or clan to move on with you. Before you start thinking about changing games, you should ask yourself (and your officers/members) what’s making your game feel stagnant, and what you want to look for in a new title. Do you need a genre switch, or just a new setting? Are you trying to game on a budget by going free-to-play? Is the quality and developer attention just not there anymore? Or are you just tired of playing the same old thing?

Whatever your reason, there are a lot of options for you. AAA titles with big budgets overshadow tons of other games that are just as deserving of your attention. They may not have flashy advertisements and a battalion of marketing personnel, but they do have quality experiences to offer you and your guild. To help you discover these diamonds in the rough, we’re going to list multiple options for games that you can play right now if you’re looking for a change. As a bonus, we’ll also throw in upcoming games that you and your clan might want to look forward to.

Jump ship

Jumping ship and finding clearer water isn’t always a bad idea. (Source)

For the World of Warcraft addicts:

There are loads of WoW alternatives, and lots of them are free-to-play. As long as you can let go of hopes for a WoW clone with a different skin, there’s bound to be something on this list that piques your interest.


  • Marvel Heroes 2015 : A free-to-play adventure with all your favorite Marvel characters.
  • Skyforge : A free-to-play sci-fi/fantasy MMORPG.
  • Guild Wars 2 : A F2P MMORPG that may already be your go-to game.
  • WildStar : Fantasy/action MMORPG that recently became free-to-play
  • The Secret World : This MMORPG has a realistic modern-day setting, but with an occult twist
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn : The AAA game that used to suck, but has since blown all our minds.

Upcoming Games:

  • Crowfall (2016) : A “throne war simulator” that combines MMORPG action with real-time strategy.

For the Call of Duty addicts:

There are all kinds of shooter games out there – first person and third person; co-op and multiplayer; PvP and PvE. Whether you want a new kind of shooter or something that sticks closer to the CoD formula, we’ve got a game for you.

  • Tribes: Ascend : A free-to play, high-adrenaline sci-fi FPS
  • Killing Floor 2 : The 6-player co-op sequel to the highly-successful FPS, Killing Floor
    • Toxikk : A first-person arena shooter built on Unreal Engine 3
  • Team Fortress 2 : A team-based FPS with lots and lots of hats.
  • Zombies, Monster, Robots : A free-to-play shooter playground where you mow down zombies, monsters, and robots.
  • Insurgency : A multiplayer competitive FPS with a serious eSports circuit.
  • Warframe : A free-to-play, third-person co-op shooter.
  • Primal Carnage : Extinction: A multiplayer shooter that pits dinosaurs against humans.
  • Hawken : An FPS that puts you in control of a giant mech.

Upcoming Games

  • Unreal Tournament (TBD) : The soon-to-be ninth entry in the Unreal Tournament series.
  • Gigantic (2015) : A uniquely styled, free-to-play team-based third-person shooter.
  • Rainbow Six Siege (2016) : Tom Clancy’s newest tactical FPS.


This is Warframe. Looks pretty awesome, right? (Source)

For the Destiny addicts:

Or the Halo addicts, if that’s how you roll. We don’t pick sides. These are all massively multiplayer shooters, though. So if you’re looking for something a little more intimate, consider some of the games from the above list.

  • PlanetSide 2 : A free-to-play MMOFPS that drops you in the midst of interplanetary war.
  • Titanfall : A first-person shooter that lets you fight on foot or in a giant mech.

Upcoming Games:

  • Star Wars: Battlefront (2015) : The long-awaited Star Wars MMO shooter and space battle game.
  • Tom Clancy’s The Division (2016) : A third-person MMOFPS with survival elements.

For the League of Legends addicts:

MOBAs are gaining a lot of traction in the gaming community, especially with the rise of eSports. We’re seeing new MOBAs crop up all the time – some better than others. If you’re tired of League or its…er…intense community, here are some other games you and your friends might want to try:

  • SMITE : A third-person MOBA where you play as a god.
  • Heroes of the Storm : Blizzard’s new MOBA that really emphasizes teamwork.
  • Airmech (Early Access Title) : A futuristic action-RTS game that can play like Dota or Starcraft
  • Strife : A MOBA from the makers of Heroes of Newerth that’s geared toward more casual play.

For all the other multiplayer addicts:

Maybe you’re not looking for something that’s similar to a game you already love, or you’re just starting to get into the multiplayer scene. There are a lot of games, especially on Steam, that don’t quite fit into the categories above, but are still very much worth your time. Nearly all of these are Early Access titles, so make sure that’s something you and your guild are comfortable with before investing time in these fantastic games.

  • ARK : Survival Evolved (Early Access): A survival MMO that lets you tame dinosaurs and face off in savage PvP.
  • Elite: Dangerous : A massively multiplayer space simulator
  • Ascent (Early Access) : An exclusively PvE MMO that’s set in space.
  • Star Citizen (2017) : A co-op space sim with lots and lots of awesome ships.
  • H1Z1 (Early Access) : A survival sandbox MMO that’s packed with zombies.
  • Dead Realm : A multiplayer horror action game that casts one teammate as a ghost, and the rest as terrified humans.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen is just…so…pretty. (Source)

Look how many options you have! There are so many choices. Bet that old game is starting to seem a little less appealing now, huh? Go ahead – pick up a shiny new toy and play with it for a while. You never know how much fun you might have.

If your guild or clan is making the move with you, Gamer Launch offers multi-game integration, so you don’t have to give your heart to just one title. If they aren’t, you can always use our search tools to find new people to play with in your new favorite game.

Doesn’t change feel good?

2 thoughts on “Is Your Game Past Its Prime?”

  1. That was one long, breezy blast of pabulum, rich in assumptions, decorated with numerous and enormous holes. Yet the big announcement here is new features – and they’re good features – for two venerable online games: EverQuest 2, and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

    No mention of The Elder Scrolls Online which may be finally hitting its stride as an online game. They appear to be actually allowing the developers to decide on the direction of that game. Lots of ex-Origin, ex-Mythic and, most interesting, ex-Kesmai people are working there. Yet I wonder if you understand what that means.

    And Star Citizen? Have you ever met Chris Roberts? This is a fellow who’s never made an online game, who burned out on computer gaming long ago when running Digital Anvil, and took Microsoft’s investment money to finish his first Wing Commander film. Ever interview people who worked for this fellow? When you’re declared a genius at age 18 (he was that young when he created the first Wing Commander) you can victim to a personal reality distortion field that’s difficult to imagine.

    For people who truly embrace the notion of finding warmth amidst the stark, black, cold vastness of space there is another game you failed to mention: Eve Online. There are more false assumptions embraced as facts by people who have never played this game than any other in the medium’s history. Note the strong and strange emotions the mention of this game evokes. It’s as if people are offended by its very existence.

    No mention as well of the latest expansion – and it’s not an impressive one, in fairness – for Ultima Online. But would those people fall into your category of playing a game longer than they “should?”

    Or perhaps there just may be a population of souls out there who legitimately view the genre as one of every narrowing focus and increasing insipidity. The game these people should be playing is the one they are playing.

    1. Hey Jonathan —

      There are lots of great options for people who are looking for other MMOs. Ultima, Eve, EverQuest, and KOTOR are all really fantastic games — and we’re a fan of them all.

      But this article was intended to draw attention to newer titles — released in the past 5 years or so — that gamers could focus on if they were tired of their usual games. I believe most of the games you suggested are from the late 90s/early 2000s. While that probably was the Golden Age of MMOs, games from that era might be a little old for those who are looking for newer, more modern titles to play.

      We’re not trying to say that just because a game is old or you’ve been playing for a while means you need to switch. But a lot of guilds are looking to do just that. Sometimes gamers and guilds keep playing games out of habit, or because it’s easier to play a familiar game than to try a new one that you might not like as much. But sometimes change is good, when change is what you’re looking for.

      As far as Elder Scrolls Online goes, it’s a great game. We’ve recommended it in other posts. And you’re right that the developers are getting a lot of say in what direction the game goes. But because of how much hype there was about the game, it’s kind of at the forefront of the MMO player’s mind. Anyone who wants to be playing that game probably already is — it’s not a very well-kept secret in the MMO community, and it’s not a hidden gem like some of these other titles are. So we opted not to include it on this list because of that. Now, you could say that Guild Wars 2 is just as popular, but they made it on this list for recently moving to free-to-play, just like Wildstar. We wanted to remind people that those games were now options for those who wanted to stick to free-to-play.

      Our picks weren’t just about the “best” games — it’s about the freshest, best alternatives to the long-standing pillars of each genre. You could just as easily change the “For the World of Warcraft addict” header to read “For the Ultima/EverQuest/KOTOR Addict”, and the picks would still be relevant.

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