How to Pick a Great Guild or Clan Name

Picking a good clan or guild name is only about 75% harder than finding the right name for your pub quiz. This is the name that may, in part, define your group for years to come. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I have trouble naming my hard drives, let alone a group of people.

If you’re like me, you’ll need a little bit of help so that you don’t end up naming your clan or guild “People We Tend to Raid With.” 

Think of something cool

If you’re not like me, you’ve probably got about a thousand ideas floating around your head for really great band names ­­ and these also make sense for guild or clan names.

Play around with combining disparate but interesting elements into one great clan name. How about something like “Rocket League of Extraordinary Gentlewomen?” Or “Zombie Jaden Smith?” As far as I know, those are both free so feel free to take them. You could name your clan after a Clint Eastwood movie or a variation on the word “Legendary,” but where’s the fun in that. Commit to naming your guild the way one names a Kentucky thoroughbred ­­ wildly and with little thought for correct spelling.

Use a guild name generator

If the prospect of coming up with a clan name is about as appealing as the consumption of a ketchup milkshake, you might want to check out any number of great guild naming tools on the Internet.

Stuck in a rut? How about a clan name generator? Here’s an FPS clan name generator that is relatively straightforward ­­ a noun plus an adjective, but it’s a good starting point for building your own unique moniker.

Looking to name your guild something a bit more guild­y? They have guild name generators for that as well, such as this great one which gives you 50 options at a time that you can look through.

Check for availability

You’re going to want to avoid having the same name as another clan. With a game like Call of Duty, you’ll want to register your clan name with the server in use (for example) so you’re going to want to make sure that you’ve checked the availability of the name you’ve selected before you start up your next clan hangout.

Make sure to Google your potential clan names, and to run them through the registration process on your specific game. No sense in ending up with a really cool name that someone figured out right when WoW started up.