Gamer Launch’s Biggest Update Ever

We’ve been working really hard, guys.

Today, we bring you the results of weeks and weeks of blood, sweat and tears. We’re proud to say that we’ve just finished up and launched our biggest product update in company history! What’s really awesome about this update is that it’s focused on user experience improvements (or UX, as those of you in the tech biz would call it). And user experience is what makes the digital world go ‘round. We present to you, Gamer Launch’s…

Biggest Update Ever

SMITE Hub Page

As the official clan hosting site of SMITE, Gamer Launch now has a dedicated SMITE hub on our eSports platform, optimized for SMITE players to find scrims, schedule matches and build teams as easily as possible (from the “eSports” link in your profile).

Smart Timezones

When members of a game community, who are often playing in vastly different timezones, schedule a tournament or raid, all participants will see the scheduled event at the correct time in their own timezone. We are switching from GMT offsets to named timezones. This makes it so that no DST settings are necessary and improves accuracy. In addition, you can now set a timezone on all scheduled events.

If you have an existing account, the update will detect your timezone based on your profile settings (click “edit profile” in your user profile and scroll down to view timezone settings). New registrants’ timezones will be automatically detected.

Simplified Registration

Game community administrators now have the option to disable applications for prospective members of communities hosted on Gamer Launch. To ensure security, administrators of communities with disabled applications still have to approve member admission, but members will just click to join.

Upload Forum Images

You can upload images in forum posts now! Hooray! Images will be auto-thumbnailed upon uploading with the option to resize and will come with a full set of editing tools.

(Note: We’re working on fixing a small bug that popped up. Should be remedied soon!)

Bug Fixes

Things are fixed, including DC Universe role specifications and EverQuest 2 icons. Star Wars: The Old Republic races have also been updated. In addition, the visitors page of the admin menu now works properly for V5 sites! Tell us if you see any more pesky bugs crawling around.

3 thoughts on “Gamer Launch’s Biggest Update Ever”

  1. Thanks for the forum update, love it! I just wondered if the editing of widgets in v5 beta is on the to-do list. I alter pics, videos and text most days and have to go back to v4 9/10 to use that editor.

    Best regards

  2. I feel the Smart time zones will cause confusion. E.g. Kins post events in their message of the day, and it is posted in server time. EST.

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