Gamer Launch updates for EQ2, SWTOR, timezones, forums and more!

Today, we bring you a number of lovely fixes and updates to continually improve your Gamer Launch experience! Read on for more details!

EverQuest 2
You can now import your character’s gear with you roster imports! Once your gear is imported, it will show up on your character page in your profile.

Item hovers
We added and fixed tooltips for SWTOR, LotRO, EverQuest 2, FFXIV, Tera and Rift. Item hovers should work for all of these games!

Timezone fixes
After our big timezone update last release, we’ve fine tuned it a bit. Timezones for scrims have been improved and should be working correctly. Custom countdown widgets now have a timezone option.

Forum sigs
Forum signatures now allow more formatting options! The following tags are supported: p, em, strong, ul, li, ol.

Custom character info
…Will now show on profiles and rosters on V5 sites!

General bug fixes  

Rothalack’s been hard at work squashing bugs around Gamer Launch.

You will be glad to know that:

  • Bugs related to Site, Character and Game deletion and creation on user profiles listings have been fixed
  • Game images in profiles are present and accounted for
  • Our permissions page now properly saves while viewed in any language
  • “And much, much more.” – Rothalack

Rejoice! As always, let us know if you see any other pesky bugs scuttling around Gamer Launch.

7 thoughts on “Gamer Launch updates for EQ2, SWTOR, timezones, forums and more!”

    1. For the SWTOR item hovers, you need to go to and find the item you would like to create a hover for. Once you find the item, get the URL for that item. Paste that URL into the “Item Link:” field. If you put a proper item URL, the item hover will display correctly. For example:

      This is the only update for SWTOR specifically, but many of the bug fixes affect guilds for all games.

  1. Please do more with archeage I’m already searching for new site because of support for this game on here.

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