Gamer Launch Needs Your Help!

Gamer Launch needs your help! We are building a new billing system and need some international users to help us test it.

Participants will receive a $50 Amazon gift card as thanks.

In the next couple weeks we would like to begin voluntary user testing on our more international-friendly billing system before full launch.

  • The testing will require you to complete transactions with real payment (credit cards, bank transfers, etc – whatever is most commonly used in your country).
  • Your guild must be on an unpaid plan (free).
  • We will refund all of these transactions.
  • As thanks for your help, we will give you one month free of our Ultimate Plan and one $50 Amazon gift card.

Gamer Launch Free Ultimate Plan

If you are a Gamer Launch user and are interested in participating, please email me¬†with subject line “Testing”.

Our goal is to launch a billing system that works perfectly for all of our international users. Your feedback will help us make this happen. We would really appreciate your help!

Update 12/7/2015: We still need participants from France, Germany, Russia, Argentina, and Brazil!

One thought on “Gamer Launch Needs Your Help!”

  1. This new billing is so cool you can even use Burger King gift cards. No really, I’m serious.

    But in actual seriousness, we do need some help testing and we all know us gamers love a good beta.

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