EVO 2015: Ogawa’s Unexpected Victory

The biggest news out of EVO 2015 isn’t the newest Street Fighter V character Necalli, the fact that the ESPN Sport Center covered the event,  or the alpha release of Rising Thunder. No, the biggest news is about a competitor who celebrated a bit too early, and suffered the consequences. 

During the Guilty Gear Xrd winners semi-finals match, Japanese player Woshige came from behind in a fairly stellar defeat of his opponent Ogawa. He stood up from the chair, arms raised to celebrate his victory…just a step too soon. Woshige didn’t realize that he was in the second of three rounds, with the game currently tied, leaving Ogawa to step in and take out the premature celebrator. It’s something you have to see to believe.

The whole thing is broken down very well on the ESPN Sports Center Vimeo, which shows two sports commentators discussing the gaff in terms of “football players who drop the ball a bit too early in the endzone.”

After Woshige steps away from the controller, Ogawa takes the opportunity to decimate his opponent, dropping his health in a series of super quick maneuvers that resulted in a “Perfect.” After taking his victory, Ogawa does his own victory lap around the stage with Woshige burying his head in his hands.

Woshige ended up placing third in the losers bracket and Ogawa went on to win the Guilty Gear Xrd tournament, but there’s no telling what could’ve happened in Woshige had waited just a few seconds more to celebrate.

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