Cloud9 is on Cloud Nine Over Heroes of the Storm Championship Win

The Road to BlizzCon is getting shorter and shorter. Just two days ago, Blizzard wrapped up the 2015 Heroes of the Storm Americas Championship. Eight teams competed in Las Vegas for a piece of the $100,000 prize pool.

After testing their mettle in the dual tournament group stage, Cloud9, Tempo Storm, compLexity Gaming, and COGnitive Gaming advanced to the playoffs. Tempo Storm took the first spot in the finals, followed by Cloud9.


The best-of-five final match was a close competition, but Cloud9 walked away with the championship title after a 3-2 win. Both Tempo Storm and Cloud9 have qualified for the World Championship at BlizzCon2015, but only Cloud9 is walking away with the pretty $40,000 grand prize. In case you missed the final match, you can check out the footage below.

For those of us who aren’t in the pro leagues, Blizzard made a special announcement. The Heroes used in the final winning game of the Americas Championship are going to be on sale all week, in addition to the normal weekly sale. Starting today, September 22, the winning Heroes are available at a discount. And starting next week, September 29, the skins used for those Heroes will be on sale as well.

These are the discounted heroes and skins:




Kandy King Muradin


Tempest Regalia Jaina


Desert Queen Zagara


Betrayer Malfurion


Warden Tyrande


As the Road to BlizzCon continues, we’ll see whether these Heroes continue to reign supreme, or if someone else will snag the World Championship title. In the meantime, check out these stellar Heroes and see if you can be as successful with them as Cloud9 was. Once you’ve picked them all up, find friends to play with and set up a match over at Gamer Launch. It could be your first step toward a championship title of your own.