Is Your Game Past Its Prime?

We all have games that we really love. We keep coming back to them over and over, and they always excite us no matter how often we load them up. Once we find a game that we and our friends can enjoy time after time, it’s hard to let that go. We’ll play and play until our beloved game becomes obsolete, and sometimes we’ll keep playing after that. It’s difficult to find games that grab us this way, so we’ll hang on to the ones that do much longer than we probably should.

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Seven Shooters Your Clan Needs To Be Playing

We’ve already talked about what MMOs and MOBAs offer the best experience for a guild. But some of you prefer rifles to roleplay, and that’s okay. Shooter clans need love, too. (And Gamer Launch has lots to give.)

There are a lot of obvious choices that we could have put on this list: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Call of Duty, and Battlefield to name a few. Everyone knows that these big-hitters have huge communities, so it seems a little redundant to include them. And we’re betting that some of you are getting kind of tired of them, anyway. So we’ve hand-picked a few games that aren’t quite as AAA, but still offer a fantastic multiplayer experience for clans.

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Building a Guild Website: 8 Things You Should Look For

We’ve already talked about why you need a guild website. A well-made site on the right guild hosting platform will help your group maintain communication, stay organized, and network more effectively. But that’s all big picture stuff. You’re probably asking the more immediate question: how do I do all that?

A good guild website seeks to enhance the group play experience for guild members, so most guild hosting platforms offer a ton of features that do just that. From communication and recruitment tools to customization and game integration, there are a lot of options available to you. So which ones are essential to making a great site?

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