Announcing eSports and the new Gamer Launch blog!

Welcome to the Gamer Launch company blog!

Lots of exciting things are happening in and around Gamer Launch, and we’re here to keep you in the loop.

One such exciting thing is the launch of our very own eSports functionality! 

eSports: Make a team. Play to win.

Do you ever get frustrated trying to find people to play with? Never again! If you’re enthusiastic about competitive gaming, or maybe just enjoy some casual matches in your spare time, Gamer Launch now supports your passion. Members can create teams and set up scrims against other teams playing a veritable cornucopia of games. (And you don’t have to pay to play).

What are you waiting for? Log in and go to your profile! You’ll find some new options there. By clicking on eSports, you will be able to add your eSports teams and add members. Which brings us to…

How to create your eSports team

  1. Once in your profile, add your eSports team by choosing a game and clicking “Create Team”.
  2. Complete the short form and click “Create”.
  3. To invite the rest of your team members, click on your team name.
  4. Click “Join URL” and copy/paste that URL to potential team members WITH your team password.

It’s time to d-d-d-d-duel!

Whether you call them duels, matches, or scrims, we’ve got you covered.


Once your team members have joined, you’ll be able to to click on “Setup Scrim” under your team info in the eSports menu. Use this page to select which of your teams is participating, and set a time and date range in which your team is available to play.

Now that your team has been added to the Scrim List, other teams looking for a scrim will be able to find and play a match against your team!

What games are supported?

All the games! We definitely support the Big Five (League of Legends, Heroes of the Storm, DotA, CS:GO and SMITE) and any other game you want to play against other people. Players of the Big Five will be able to add their game info to their profiles as a sort of humblebrag. It can also be a useful way to advertise your willingness to engage in a gratuitous display of virtual prowess to other players looking to test their mettle.

So go ahead. Join the fray.

Here’s to a little friendly competition.  😉

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