3 Reasons You Need a Guild Hosting Website

Guild and clan websites are an amazing resource. If you have a group of players that you spend most of your time playing with, get a guild website. Whether you’re into MMOs, MOBAs, FPS, or even if you’re a server community, get a guild website.

There are lots of perks to using a guild hosting platform. They don’t just help strengthen your guild, they can also help expand it. Here’s how. 

1. Having a guild website improves communication.

You can’t have a functional guild without communication, so most guild hosting platforms will focus heavily on communication between members.

Forums are a common feature that allow you to start and participate in guild discussions. Guild admins can control who can see or post in specific forum threads, so they can be used for both public and private conversation among members and guests alike.

Guild websites also help members stay up-to-date with news and other goings-on within the guild. Whether it’s via the forums, a blog, or a guild newsletter, officers and team leaders can keep everyone in the loop about upcoming events, guild changes, and other important information.

While it’s not necessarily essential, many guild hosting platforms also have chat functions for members to use. Some platforms offer text chat functionalities, and others offer voice chat.

Whatever the means, communication is key to a healthy group dynamic. And a guild site gives you several different communication channels.

We all know this feeling. A guild site calendar can keep this from happening. (Source)

2. A unified platform means a more organized guild.

There are all kinds of tools that guild hosting platforms offer to help manage and organize your guild. Rosters help members and officers keep track of who is in the guild and what their roles are. User and character profiles can help you get to know your fellow guild members.

Pretty much any guild site will come with a calendar, which you can use to view or create guild events and keep up with important release dates, matches, raids, etc. You can also use the calendar to keep track of member availability.

For some guilds, DKP tracking is also an important feature. Not only does stat tracking help guild officers see how members are performing, but a good DKP feature can also help manage raid signups and organize raid teams and assignments.

Guild hosting platforms with game integration can also help you keep all your guild characters synced with game-specific gear information, stats, and more. So you’ll get the maximum amount of info about guild members and characters, with minimal mess.

Don’t die waiting for a healer. Recruit smarter, not harder. (Source)

3. The right guild hosting platform will help you network and expand your guild.

If your guild is into eSports or prefers competitive play, your guild hosting platform can also act as a hub where you set up scrims, organize matches, or even host tournaments.

You can also use your guild site to reach out to other guilds or clans and form alliances, plan cooperative raids, and so on.

But there’s one thing more important for guilds than matches or alliances: recruiting. Good recruiting is what keeps guilds thriving. Any worthy guild hosting platform will put lots of recruiting tools at your disposal. You can customize your guild application, collect necessary character and availability info, and manage incoming applications.

These tools aren’t just for the big guys. Whether you’re a behemoth organization or a small group of friends, the right guild platform is a key tool for keeping your guild healthy and happy. It’ll help you stay organized, foster good communication, and make networking a breeze.

With lots of different options at lots of different price points, you can’t afford not to. Talk to your clan about which platform will serve you best. And stay tuned to Gamer Launch for upcoming articles about must-have guild hosting features, clan tools, and more.