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Gamer Launch 360°
SecurityTM Initiative

Who is Gamer Launch?

Gamer Launch was created in 2006 and is part of the Launch Media Network. Our offices are located Sandy Springs on the north side of Atlanta, GA.

You can contact us at:

Launch Media Network
80 Johnson Ferry Rd.
Sandy Springs, GA 30328


External Verification

The following 3rd parties provide verification of different aspects of our business.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB maintains data on Guild Launch, LLC.

The Gamer Launch primary site and all customer sites.

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The Gamer Launch Ventrilo billing system.

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McAfee Site Advisor

McAfee maintains security information on many websites. Their report is from scans that they perform as well as user submitted info.

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Norton Safe Web

Norton maintains a security report and user submitted info for websites.

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We provide the Epic Armor and Shield for your site while you build your community!

We Don't Play Around

The security of your site and your personal information is of critical importance to us at Gamer Launch. We are actively and proactively involved in safeguarding your information. This page provides information about how we store and secure your info, who we are as well as details regarding additional 3rd party verification.

The measures we take are industry best practices, and we employ them to ensure to the best of our ability that your Gamer Launch account information and game account information are safe and secure.

Security is a Team Effort

As many safety measure as we put in place, ultimately you are responsible for the security of your account information. If your password is weak, if you share your info, are not aware of phishing scams or don't double check site URLs you may risk a security breach.

Gamer Launch has no access nor need for access to any of your game accounts. There is no need to reuse your login info here and we will never ask you for such info. The info we do collect such as character names is not a potential source of account compromises. In addition, an email is not an effective vector for a compromise when combined with a password of sufficient complexity and basic account security practices.

Help Us Help You

The first line of defense is employing a set of password and username best practices for your Gamer Launch account. Following these recommendations will ensure you have core account security covered.

Account Best Practices

  • Use strong passwords This includes the use of a number, a special character and a capital letter and typically more than 8 characters. Microsoft provides an online password checker that you can use to test the strength of a password.
  • Use unique passwords Using a unique password for each site ensures that information gained from one site cannot be used on another.
  • Never Share your login info! This goes for your Gamer Launch account as well as your game account. Blizzard lists this as their first and simplest form of account theft on their Account Security pages. This applies to all of the 180 games that we support including Lord of the Rings Online, Dungeons & Dragons Online, Eve Online, Age of Conan and all of the rest. And remember, no Gamer Launch representative will ever ask your for your password.
  • Additional Options If your game account is very important to you then use an email for it that you use nowhere else. A private email does not guarantee that the email cannot be guessed or compromised, but it makes it less likely.

Gamer Launch Security Practices

Gamer Launch employs a multi-layered approach to system security which includes the following:

  • Firewalls - All servers are behind a highly restrictive Firewall
  • Password Rotation - Passwords for internal systems are regularly rotated
  • Limited Access - Access to any customer information is limited to key staff
  • Encrypted Passwords - All Password info is Hashed and Salted. It is never stored in plain text.
  • 3rd Party Security Verfication - The McAfee Secure program provides daily 3rd party scanning for SQL Injection vulnerabilities, Phishing Scams, Browser Exploits, viruses and much more. You can read about the program in the McAfee Secure Standard white paper.
  • Secure Advertising Network - The advertising network that we use manually reviews, by a human, all ads placed on the network. This means that the links for the ads are checked and that the Ad's are virus scanned before being added to the network.
  • Limited Login Attempts & Cooldowns - Login attempts are tracked and a maximum number of retries are enforced including a lockout period after a certain number of tries. This makes it much more difficult for someone to guess a password.
  • Seconday Credentials for 3rd Parties - Third Party tools use secondary credentials so you don't have to enter your Gamer Launch info into any other tool. This includes PlayXpert, our Profile Upload tool and any future 3rd party tools that need authorization.
  • Active & Passive Monitoring - We employ active monitoring that shuts down certain user activity on its own and passive intrusion detection that is regularly reviewed.
  • Ban Hammers - We regularly ban users, and IPs, who do not have your best interest in mind even though they haven't breached our security.
  • Secure Logins - SSL Logins - As of July 2010 all logins on Gamer Launch sites, on the domain, are submitted via Secure connections with a 2048bit key. This means the data can not be eavesdropped on in transit.

Security Issue Disclosure

We encourage anyone who finds a security issue with one of our products to responsibly disclose them to us via email at We request that you run no bots or spiders on our systems and that no destructive or harmful action is taken to our systems or software. All vulnerability reports should contain as much information as possible so we can resolve the issue. Disclosure reports should include the following:

  • The name of the product
  • Specific URLs tested
  • Contact information, including an email address and/or phone number, if applicable.

Responsible Disclosures By

We Will Never Sell Your Information; You're Too Valuable to Us

You can't build an open, transparent, successful company while selling out your customers one email at a time. We want to take over the world, it's true. But our success is, and will forever be based on providing the best service and support that we can at an affordable price without compromising our members.

Where to Find More Info

The Blizzard Account Security page is an excellent resource that applies to any game that you play. It is well worth reading for anyone regardless of what game you call home.