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Q. Who handles your billing?
A. All billing for Gamer Launch is done via PayPal subscriptions.
Q. How long after I place the order will the ads be removed and the upgraded service be avilable?
A. For guild sites, our automated process usually takes about 10 minutes to process the order. For Ventrilo orders they usually take about 20 minuts also, but can take up to 24 hours.
Q. I ordered a Ventrilo Server but didn't get the email, where can I get the server info?
A. The server setup info is also on your Subscriptions tab on your My User Page.
Q.My site has be marked as inactive. How do I fix this?
A.Login to the site and click on the Admin link. Then go to the Guild Settings page linked on the left. Edit the guild settings and one of the options is the guild subdomain. Change it to any available subdomain that you want.
Q.I can't find my site anymore!
A.Go to our support site and login to your account. Then click the User Profile link at the top right. On your user profile page is a list of the guild sites that you are a member of. Click on the site and it will take you to it.
Q. Does my subscription have to be active for the site to work?
A. No. Each subscription charge pays for the period following. If you order 3 months of service then you can cancel the subscription the day after you order service and your site will remain upgraded until the subscription period ends in 3 months.
Q. If my site goes back to ad-supported will I lose data?
A. No. Our current retention plan for downgraded accounts is one month. This time may lower at a later date, but current storage capacity allows us to retain the data for this long. This allows you a window in which to re-order service or a way to "pause" service and return to an active suscription later without losing any data. Data retention only pertains to uploaded images and files. Storage of forum posts, raids, etc. are included in the free plan.
Q. I am a member of a free guild site and would like to upgrade to a paid account, can I do that as a member and how?
A. To the top left of every ad-supported site is an upgrade link. Any Guild Member can upgrade the site. Remember though that the site still can be owned by another person and you will be donating the service to them.
Q. I am not paying for an account currently and don't wish to use it anymore. How do I close my account out completely?
A. There is no automated account cancellation or removal function. We don't spam. We won't sell your info. You won't get any marketing emails from us or anything of the sort. Basically, closing your account wouldn't do anything different than if you just stopped using it. In addition, we've found that alot of people who stop using our service come back within a month.
Q. Am I allowed to display ads on my guild website? The website is on a paid account.
A. On paid sites you can add ads if you would like. So long as it meets our terms of service (no copyright violations, no porn, no illegal activities, no harrasment of other Gamer Launch members, etc.) However, the number of ads is limited to 2.

Question still not answered? Contact Us or visit our Support site.