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About Gamer Launch

Gamer Launch was founded to provide quality, feature-rich guild hosting services that keep up with the rapidly evolving needs of the online gaming community.

Our mission is to give the members of MMORPG and FPS gaming communities, guilds, kinships, and clans affordable, state-of-the-art guild hosting and management tools that enable guild leaders and guild admins to spend less time managing their website and more time playing the games they love.

Our Goal

We strive to offer online gamers the best guild tools on the market and to deliver our core services, guild hosting and Rapid Raid DKP Management System, with a dedication to ongoing and innovative development.

Our Commitment

Gamer Launch is absolutely dedicated to providing services and functionality that make your guild's website more than just a forum for posting messages but rather a powerful tool to improve your in-game experience.

Our guild sites are designed from the ground up to reduce clicks and streamline data entry. We are constantly evolving and improving functionality to ensure our product is responsive to our users' changing needs.

Our Servers

Gamer Launch has dedicated servers in a top-tier hosting facility. Our hosting facility has redundant power, redundant internet connections, and state-of-the-art monitoring. Furthermore, we have 24x7 monitoring of all our servers and voice servers.

Gamer Launch has built our application, server infrastructure and capacity plan to provide high performance and scalability. Gamer Launch is currently hosted on multiple dedicated machines, and we have capacity on hand to ensure we can add server machines and database resources to meet growing demand.

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