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Looking to Replace your Guild Portal Site?

We've seen the news about Guild Portal and we'd like to help with a special Guild Portal promotion. Guild Portal may be down, but we can help you get your game community back on its feet.

eSports Team, Clan & Community Hosting

Teams, Tournaments, Scrimmage Support and More

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With tightly integrated team, tournament and scrimmage support, our eSports functionality is top notch. Whether you play SMITE, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch or many other MOBAs, we have some of the best features and functionality just for you.

Scrimmage Finder

Find a scrimmage
or teams to scrim against.

Host Your eSports Community

MMO Community Hosting

Guilds, Clans, Kinships, Corporations & More

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We host over 250,000 community sites for World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, TESO and many other MMO games. Features include roster imports from various APIs, DKP support for any game, rostering, role information as well as advanced forums, image galleries, Wiki functionality and much more. Create Guild Site

Clan & Gaming Community Hosting

FPS Clans, Console Clans & More


Gamer Launch frees clans and gaming communities from forum systems not tailored to the needs of FPS and console clans with hosting made just for you. We have world class support for Destiny, Call of Duty, Battlefield and many other FPS and Console games. Create Your Clan Site

Minecraft Server Sites

Promote and organize your Minecraft Server

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Full community support including forums, image galleries and more means you can focus on your Minecraft server community, not the techncial side of building a site. We have server status widgets available and site integrated server permissions management coming soon! Create Minecraft Server Site

A Massive Gaming Community

More than 4.5 Million Users Make Gamer Launch Their Home

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With more than 600 games supported, and a user base of more than 4.5 million, we have you covered. With recruiting, community and rostering functionality we can help your game community have more fun and be more successful.

Gamer Launch is the most advanced website builder available for game communities of all types and every site includes a 7 day free trial so you can see what we are all about with zero risk.

Create Your Community Site

500K Guilds, Clans, Teams & Other Player Communities

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600+ Titles Supported Across All Gaming Platforms Pour toutes les communautés & tous les genres : FPS, MMO, RTS, MOBA, bac à sable,
Sims, sites de fans, podcasts et autres.


  • Applications
    de recrutement personnalisées
  • Gestion des membres
  • Importation de la liste d'effectif
  • Options de recrutement complètes
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  • Custom websites
  • Forums pour membres
    et publics
  • Fonctions calendrier
    et admin
  • Full community management features
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  • Rapid raid (DKP)
  • Team Management
  • Options & mods en jeu
  • Options de suivi de raid complètes
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  • icône de prix de plateforme d'hébergement de guildes La plateforme de construction de sites de guilde
    la plus complète sur le marché.
  • icône de personnalisation Prise en charge de la fonction Glisser & déposer pour les Widgets
    et la personnalisation de contenu.
  • icône d'applications d'hébergement de guilde Applications de guilde hautement personnalisables.
  • icône de domaine de site de guilde Aide de domaine complète disponible.
  • icône de forums de guilde Forums de guilde, messages, chat intégré.
  • icône de sous-domaine de site de guilde Sous-domaine inclus.
  • icône de personnalisation css du site Contrôle total - support CSS complet.
  • icône d'aide téléphonique Aide téléphonique pour TOUS les utilisateurs.
  • icône de gabarit de guilde Très large sélection de gabarits avec outils de personnalisation.
  • icône de serveur ventrilo Serveurs vocaux Ventrilo.
  • icône multi-jeux Aide multi-jeux : inter-serveurs, inter-factions, différents jeux.
  • icône de widget Configuration de widgets.
  • icône sociale Intégration sociale complète.
  • icône d'options d'hébergement de guilde Encore plus d'options d'hébergement.
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Guild Launch is now Gamer Launch

Since 2006 Guild Launch has been providing gamers of all kinds a place to host their gaming community. We love the Guild Launch name and we love what we've built, but in recent years we've seen a significant influx of players from a variety of other gaming communities including MOBAs and Minecraft. With the evolution of the online space we wanted to evolve the Guild Launch name to encompass our entire gaming community, so we have rebranded Guild Launch to Gamer Launch. We are still the same company with support for nearly every game on the planet and now our name reflects that.

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