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Bregan D`Aerth
Everquest on Zek
Activity: 466 Members - 78 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy
Mechwarrior Online on Live, also playing Star Citizen
Activity: 216 Members - 17 Characters - Central Events - Central Timezone - English
Saints 3G
Star Citizen on Beta, also playing Lord of the Rings Online, Mechwarrior Online, Minecraft, The Repopulation

Saints 3G is a Christian Gaming Community comprised solely of born-again Christians. We play all kinds of games together. Please check out our website for more information.

Activity: 203 Members - 346 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
World of Warcraft on US - Sargeras

TheDarkerSide is an Alliance Guild located on Sargeras-US. We are a casual raid guild with 2 active 10-man teams.

Activity: 154 Members - 493 Characters - Central Events - Central Timezone - English
Keepers of the Circle
Pathfinder Online on Beta
Activity: 151 Members - 62 Characters - Pacific Timezone - English
Star Citizen on Beta
Activity: 82 Members - 47 Characters - +1GMT Timezone - Spanish
World of Warcraft on US - Turalyon

is recruiting all roles and classes for our raid team. We are aiming to quickly get up to speed, gear up, get used to playing together, and be ready for 5.2 when it launches. Our goal in 5.2, and beyond, will be to quickly clear normal modes and begin wo

Activity: 49 Members - 253 Characters - Eastern Events - Eastern Timezone - English
Legion of Justice
World of Warcraft on EU - English - Shadowsong

Legion of Justice is a vibrant, active and friendly guild for mature adult players. Born in November 2009, we have been in existence for three-and-a-half years now, and continue to grow slowly but surely. We cater for all needs with all kinds of players r

Activity: 52 Members - 508 Characters - 0 Events - 0 Timezone - English
World of Warcraft on EU - English - Emerald Dream
Activity: 50 Members - 393 Characters - +1GMT Timezone - English
The Lonely Mountain Band
Lord of the Rings Online on Landroval

A friendly and mature group of LOTRO players. We organize numerous social activities including concerts, craft faires, holiday festivals, roleplay gatherings, and equestrian sports. Please join us for WeatherStock!

Activity: 988 Members - 2189 Characters - Eastern Events - Eastern Timezone - English
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