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Knights of the Sacred Order
Star Wars: The Old Republic on Jedi Covenant
Activity: 2 Members - 3 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
World of Warcraft on Test
Activity: 2 Members - 1 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
Testing Features
Elder Scrolls Online on North America
Activity: 2 Members - 0 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
Pub Crawlers
World of Warcraft on US - Stormrage

18 social guild looking for members of all levels. Looking to level everyone up and prepare for legion.

Activity: 2 Members - 4 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
The Cream
World of Warcraft on US - Proudmoore

is looking for more members to fill up raid spots in Legion. We are looking for level-headed, competent players who are looking for a semi-casual, fun, and relaxed raiding team that can still get things done. If you have any questions, send me in game ma

Activity: 5 Members - 16 Characters - Pacific Events - Eastern Timezone - English
Community on Game
Activity: 2 Members - 0 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
Diamond Eclipse
World of Warcraft on US - Ysera
Activity: 2 Members - 9 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
Realm of Nelari
ARK: Survival Evolved on Private-PvP
Activity: 3 Members - 2 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
World of Warcraft on US - Kel'Thuzad
Activity: 4 Members - 0 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
World of Warcraft on US - Stormrage, also playing World of Warcraft

We are a social but active raiding guild that is moderately active in PVP. All are welcome to trail for either of our teams as we strive to become a bigger and better force for Legion. Also, anyone who is simply looking for a place to call home is welcome

Activity: 2 Members - 1013 Characters - Eastern Events - Eastern Timezone - English
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