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Bregan D`Aerth
Everquest on Zek
Activity: 463 Members - 78 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
The Lonely Mountain Band
Lord of the Rings Online on Landroval

A friendly and mature group of LOTRO players. We organize numerous social activities including concerts, craft faires, holiday festivals, roleplay gatherings, and equestrian sports. Please join us for WeatherStock!

Activity: 1005 Members - 1727 Characters - Eastern Events - Eastern Timezone - English
Pax Republica
Star Wars: The Old Republic on The Ebon Hawk, also playing Star Wars: The Old Republic
Activity: 75 Members - 167 Characters - Eastern Events - Eastern Timezone - English
Knights of the Blade
Elder Scrolls Online on UK/IE
Activity: 38 Members - 39 Characters - -1 Timezone - English
Everquest on Cazic-Thule - Fennin Ro

Looking for adventurers to join our ranks. Contact Dalven, Heally, Kluwen, Florid, Nuktari or Pulsate for details

Activity: 426 Members - 755 Characters - Pacific Events - Pacific Timezone - English
Star Citizen on Beta
Activity: 82 Members - 47 Characters - +1GMT Timezone - Spanish
Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy
Mechwarrior Online on Live, also playing Star Citizen
Activity: 303 Members - 18 Characters - Central Events - Central Timezone - English
Perfect World International on Sanctuary

Top TW faction on Sanctuary. TW attendance is mandatory. NW attendance recommended.

Activity: 149 Members - 160 Characters - Pacific Events - Pacific Timezone - English
Black Fox Consortium
Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on Cerberus (EU)

A semi casual guild. No drama-llamas, elites, whiners or selfish gamers.We want to offer a laid back environment in which we can all progress and enjoy the game without the stress that comes with hardcore gaming.

Activity: 37 Members - 36 Characters - 0 Timezone - English
Perfect World on Sanctuary

Kakumau is a family-oriented TW faction on the Sanctuary server of PWI. We also hold events multiple times per month, have an active Vent and Forum, run Trials, Provide Chrono Help, and Farming Instances for Guildies. While most faction's strive to win a

Activity: 207 Members - 227 Characters - Pacific Events - Pacific Timezone - English
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