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Bregan D`Aerth
Everquest on Zek
Activity: 465 Members - 78 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
World of Warcraft on Test
Activity: 75 Members - 5 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
Saints 3G
Star Citizen on Beta, also playing Lord of the Rings Online, Mechwarrior Online, Minecraft, The Repopulation

Saints 3G is a Christian Gaming Community comprised solely of born-again Christians. We play all kinds of games together. Please check out our website for more information.

Activity: 212 Members - 346 Characters - Eastern Timezone - English
Clan Wolf Delta Galaxy
Mechwarrior Online on Live, also playing Star Citizen
Activity: 231 Members - 17 Characters - Central Events - Central Timezone - English
Keepers of the Circle
Pathfinder Online on Beta
Activity: 157 Members - 76 Characters - Pacific Timezone - English
Star Citizen on Beta
Activity: 82 Members - 47 Characters - +1GMT Timezone - Spanish
Everquest on Cazic-Thule - Fennin Ro

Looking for adventurers to join our ranks. Contact Pint, Kongfuzi, Dalven, Amery, Kobrakai or Nuktari for details

Activity: 280 Members - 513 Characters - Pacific Events - Pacific Timezone - English
The Lonely Mountain Band
Lord of the Rings Online on Landroval

A friendly and mature group of LOTRO players. We organize numerous social activities including concerts, craft faires, holiday festivals, roleplay gatherings, and equestrian sports. Please join us for WeatherStock!

Activity: 991 Members - 2201 Characters - Eastern Events - Eastern Timezone - English
Clan cF
Battlefield 4 on Live
Activity: 54 Members - 2 Characters - -3 Timezone - English
World of Warcraft on Test

[EU] is a progress oriented Alliance guild on KRONOS, we are aiming for a good, stable and solid 40 man raiding. From Ragnaros to Kel'Thuzad !

Activity: 59 Members - 10 Characters - +1GMT Events - +1GMT Timezone - English
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