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DOTA 2 Guild Hosting

Guild Launch is your one stop shop for DOTA 2 guild site hosting .

Guild Forums

Whether you're a 'friends & family' guild or an international, multi-game guild, Guild Launch provides a forums and a variety of other tools to help your group share information, ask questions and work better together.

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Guild Calendar

Keeping your DOTA guild organized is one of the most important jobs a guild leader has. On Guild Launch, we give you access to a free calendar that you can use to keep your guild as organized as possible.

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Guild Recruiting

Every DOTA 2 guild spends considerable amounts of time finding new players. Our custom forums, multi-game recruiting, recruiting widgets, and guild search tools are specially crafted to allow you to get new players up to speed quickly.

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Always Available

Access your DOTA 2 guild site anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser. Every Guild Launch site is optimized for mobile, so you can stay connected with your guild or group via desktop, tablet or other mobile devices.

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Voice Hosting

A standard feature among both serious and casual gamers of all genres, Guild Launch offers voice chat servers from all the most popular providers, including Ventrilo, Mumble and Teamspeak.

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Guild Launch prides itself on providing a highly-customizable, yet easy-to-use platform, where users of all levels of tech- or design-savvy can make a website they can be proud of.

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