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IP Change Information for 10/20 Maintenance

by GL_Support, 51 days ago

Contained are the IP changes that are going to occur with today's maintenance.

We apologize for the late notice of the IP changes that are going to occur as we worked out some issues with the migration.

We will take care of all the DNS changes for you. 

If you are not sure what your servers Ip is, you can ping the servers hostname. Doing so will give you the servers IP address. If you aren't sure how to ping your servers, hostname check out our UserVoice article here

Once you have your servers IP, you can cross reference it with the list of IP's in the left column below. Your new server IP is to the right of your old IP. The server location is to the right of your new IP.

Admins can also log into their Voice Control panel to see the server's new IP. 

If you have any question site admins can contact support using our live chat on site or you anyone can email

Thank you for your patience as we transition your voice servers over to a more cloud-based system that will ensure the greatest voice server quality you deserve. 




oldIp newIp location

     v- Old IP                  v- New IP -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> 

        ^Old IP                ^New IP


 oldIp newIp location

       v- Old IP                v- New IP -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> ->  -> 

    ^Old IP                    ^New IP



oldIp newIp location

     v- Old IP                v- New IP -> -> -> -> -> -> -> -> 

   ^Old IP                    ^New IP

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Voice Server/ Network Provider Migration - OCT 17, 18,19

by GL_Support, 54 days ago

Edit for clarification: This is only affecting customers who have a Voice Servers provided by Gamer Launch.  Customers websites have not been DDoS'd and this network migration will not affect your site. 

Due to ongoing DDOS related problems with our upstream mitigation providers we are working to migrate our network to a more cloud-based system to ensure less frequently large-scale problems. We will be performing these changes on OCT 17-19.

We will provide more details as they are available. There will be numerous IP changes as a result of this migration, and we will work with all customers to ensure a smooth transition. We apologize for the short notice as many parts of this migration are contingent upon upstream providers. We do anticipate that all customers will have their ips changed and that their servers may be offline between 10-to-30 minutes during the migration. 

The migration will affect TS3, Mumble and Ventrilo hosted in the US-East, US-West, US-Central, European and Australian regions.

We appreciate your time and apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this will cause to you while we attempt to stabilize our network from the recent and very large uptick in DDoS-attack related issues. We will be posting more information as we have it here.

You can always contact us via email at or by the Intercom live chat Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time. 




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